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More rabbit questions:)

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The one or ones I will get should be about 7 months old ... what special stuff do they need at that age ...all are about 4lbs ////

How soon do I have to spay them?? my readings have confused me... How much should I have saved for the spaying???

Litter training is it hard ?? they are not at this pt ....

Is there a chewing deterent like bitter apple for bunnies??
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At 7 months your rabbit(s) would be old enough to be spayed. Costs vary greatly by vet so you would need to check with the rabbit vets in your area. My regular vet charges $290 for a neuter and over $300 for a spay, but a more experienced rabbit vet in town only charged $85 for the neuter (not including pain meds)...so there can be a significant difference. I thought I heard of people paying up to $500, but the lowest I've heard (and actually paid for) was $35 through our shelter vet before all our rabbits were fixed before adoption. (Altered rabbits with a $15 adoption fees are wonderful!) I would start pre-screening for a good rabbit vet now so you are comfortable with the level of experience of who is doing the spay and trust them incase of any future emergencies.

I did not think litter training was difficult and my guys learned quickly, but just know that some bunnies will never be 100% with it either. I just followed the HRS page on it when I did my first and used to hang timothy hay above to encourage them. I'm guessing you couldn't miss the HRS site if you've been doing any reading online, but here is the link just incase: http://www.rabbit.org/faq/sections/litter.html

There are some chewing deterrants...they just don't always work. My previous rabbits weren't bothered at all by bitter apple, so I found it was just easier to rabbit proof better than try and convince them they didn't want to chew something. If you build an NIC condo and have left over grids you can run them along the edge of anything you are concerned about them chewing (like the base of cabinets or dressers) to block it off when the rabbits are out.
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I love buns! I had one for about 4 yrs, then had to find a new home for her when I moved back to the states. I can't help you on the spaying because my vet recommended not spaying mine (she was the only bunny I had) because of the anethesia, but she had other health problems as well.

When I first brought her home, I just watched to see where she preferred to go in her cage, and put the litterbox there. But, when she was out of her cage, she still usually left a trail of pellets wherever she went. I also said it was so she could find her way back!

Bitter apple worked with mine, and in a pinch I would use tabasco sauce too.

I miss having a bunny. I used to laugh so hard at mine when it was still young...she would go into fits of just tearing around the couch, up on the back, running at top speed from one end to another, jumpling back on the cushions...stopping, then suddenly jumping and spinning! At first I was really worried, I thought she was having seizures or something then I found a rabbit forum and found out she was just playing! It was hilarious!!

Good luck!
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I love rabbits! They are awesome pets.

At 7 months they are old enough to spay. I would get it done once they settle in. The price really depends on your area, and make sure your vet is rabbit savvy! Most aren't. My vet charges about $100 for a spay but in larger cities it can be as much as $300.

Since they're done growing you can switch them to timothy pellets once they adjust to your house. I love Oxbow Bunny Basics/T. Of course, make sure they have lots of grass hay. I buy bales from a local farmer, it's so much cheaper and much more fresh!

Litter training isn't too hard for most of them. They're not always perfect, but I'm happy if they always pee in the box. Put the litter box where they like to poop. They might have more than one spot, and multiple litter boxes can help. Put a little poop and/or a urine soaked paper towel in the litter box. Also, put the hay either in the litter box or in a rack above it. Rabbits love to nibble on hay in the bathroom. Clean up accidents with white vinegar to remove the smell. Otherwise it will smell like a potty area to them.

You can use bitter apple for bunnies. But some actually like the taste, so be careful! I rub a bar of soap on woodwork they aren't supposed to chew, and it works great. Also you'll need to cover any electrical wires so they can't chew them. Deterrents aren't enough. I use spiral wrap, which I found in the electrical section of Home Depot.

Some great rabbit sites:
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I payed about 200 for rocky's neuter. was estimated at 160 though, i got charged more for him having 1 ball, sheesh! there should be lots of chews and what not on those sites I send you. Also they will more likely to be box trained once they get spayed. (pics? )
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Okay ...

i am either getting the girls that are black and grey holland lops... or a mom and daughter lilac otter
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I had bunnies a long time ago and we never spayed/neutered them. Wow I didn't realize it was THAT expensive to have them done!

Our rabbits stayed outside in a hutch more then inside. They were allowed in for a few hours to run around in the basement, but there was nothing that could be harmed then.
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don't forget to bunny proof any wires laying around (computer,tv..whatnot)
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Well the spays are 130 each ... eekkk a bit high for my taste at the moment
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