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Kitten Behavior

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I have a 3 month old male kitten named Aslan and he's really a great kitten from what I can tell. He's alert, somewhat vocal and when my roommates grown male cat harasses him too much-he'll come over and sit next to me as if looking for protection.

Anyway, he does some things that frustrate me so I was wondering if anyone might be able to put my mind at ease. Whenever I let Aslan out of my room to roam the house and play-he acts a lot different. What I mean is, once he's out-he refuses to let anyone come too close to him and physically contact him. In my room he's more loving but in the living room he runs away if someone tries to make physical contact with him, even if for just a pat on the head. Is this normal for a kitten and how long do you think he'll go on acting like a lil stubborn asshole when he's out in the living room?

Also, I'm trying to keep his diet seperate from the adult cats-but I'm afraid he may have eaten some adult food today-how can I prevent this from happening again?!
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He's not acting like a "jerk" to spite you. He acts differently because he's unsure of his surroundings. In your room, he knows all the hiding spots, it smells like him, he feels safe. Out in the house, there are other resident cats, he's unfamiliar with places to run and hide, and he's scared. He's a little kitty in a big world out there, and he's not sure who the predators are or where they will come from. It is completely normal behavior, and as he gets more familiar with the house and the resident cats he'll act more like himself.

As for the food, it won't hurt him to nibble on adult food every now and again. But for now, the easiest way would be to move the adult food up high enough that the adults can jump to get it, but the little one can't yet. The bigger obstical will be keeping the adults out of the yummy, high calorie kitten food. It also won't hurt them to eat it, but they could put on unwanted extra weight on it.
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thank you for your simple yet helpful answer!
i've been trying to get the jist of having a kitten and i love it.
obviously learning the behaviors of a cat isn't easy.
despite being around animals, including some cats over my life
things are different when it's your cat.

i've put the adult cat food bowl on a desk and i try to keep
my door shut so he won't go eat aslan's food.
i want to watch both of their weight-even though he's growing
i know a healthy diet is important, not over eating.

thanks again!!!!!!
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My little guy was the same. I lived in an off campus house with five other roomates plus their boyfriends or visitors. He was soooo good when in my room or my other roomates room, he grew sooo attached to her. But when he went out into the world he hid, or ran from people, and the other cat.

Eventually he just got used to it, at first i always supervised him when he was out and about and then eventually i was able to leave him out there when i wasnt home.

He became best of friends with the other cat and loved most of the roomates (well except the evil ones ;D ) Just give it time and he should be fine.
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