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Thanks for the welcome! I have 2 other cats, longhairs, one a Maine Coon cross(about 15 lbs) and the other grey with some Siamese. They are half siblings from their mother, Peach, my one and only true cat friend and companion who, sadly, passed on awhile ago at 15, from illness.

Amie arrived on the scene (at the shelter) looking hopeful and awfully cute; what really stood out to me was her constant looking at people as they went by the door--she needed a home! She is also terrifically smart and with unusual markings. She was abit of a handful at first, but then those ones usually turn out the best. I named her Amie, as when it is spelled that way it means 'friend' in French.

I am thankful for your input, and look forward to being friends with Amie and being a part of this forum!