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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
the hubby and i just have our cell phones. we currently have Sprint with Samsung a740's.

we're thinking of switching to Verizon. our contract is up and we're unhappy with Sprint's (crappy) phones and cost.
My mom hates Sprint with a passion. She got a plan through them only to find out that she doesn't get reception from her house (at all) and in the majority of the town they live in....and they don't live in the middle of nowhere! I get perfect reception with Cingular from their house and surrounding area.
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We do have a land line, and since it includes a long distance plan, we get our DSL at a reduced rate. We also have cellphones, Samsungs -- his A570, mine A650 -- which were deliberately the ones with the fewest extra features at the time they were bought -- all we want is a phone -- all the other features are better handled by some other device. They've been great little phones, and we've consistantly resisted pressure from our service provider to upgrade so they could inveigle us into a different plan. We deliberately bought these phones, rather than taking a contract, because none of the currently offered plans is as good as the one we're grandfathered on.
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i have a Nokia flip camera phone, & my cell service is w/Cingular, aka AT&T. i also have a landline, because my internet at home is dial-up.
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I only have a mobile. There is a landline here but I don`t use it. It`s easier to do Pay-as-you-go.

I `m with Vodafone
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I have a cell and a land line. I only have the land line because I use it for my internet access, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't even bother with a home phone. I only use the cell for calls, I don't text or have internet access from the cell, don't want it either.
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i got away with not having a cell phone for a loooong time. Then work found out they had forgot to renew my cell phone . SO nowi have to carry that leash again, err, i mean phone.
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I have both - I get DSL broadband through my phone line so have that at home and use it if I want to make a call at home. I can't get a signal on my mobile in my flat anyway and I don't fancy having to go outside everytime I want to make a phone call.

My mobile is a nokia (6680) and I'm with Orange. Landline is with BT.
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