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Another foster baby?

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Well, I may be getting another foster baby - a female kitten, about 8-weeks-old, trapped last week. Apparently, she's very sweet, but needs some socialization. No one else has stepped up to take her, so the group that's been helping me with TNR asked if I could foster her. I can't say no after all the help they gave me with Sam, the FIV kitty with dental problems, so looks like I'll have too kittens in my spare room, until Georgie goes to him new home. I don't even know what the little girl looks like at this point, but will post an update and pics when I get more info.
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Seems like when it rains it storms. But then again nothing wrong with a cat rain storm.

Hope that the new girl and little Mr. George get along well.
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That's wonderful

I can't wait to see pictures of the little girl. Bless you for taking care of these babies
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Aww that's wonderful news.. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of the new kitty...
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Yay Eileen! You just don't like an empty house, do you?
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Thats wonderful.You will have to post pics as soon as you get her
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Yay Eileen! You just don't like an empty house, do you?
Yeah, that's what it is.

Still waiting to hear from the rescue. They made it sound so urgent and now nothing?
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Heard from the rescue. My little foster girl is arriving tomorrow morning. She sounds very cute. They described her as a brown tabby with a touch of cinnamon. Apparently, she's very shy, but is starting to warm up to people. I can't wait to get my hands on the little sweetie.
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Oh how exciting...maybe being with Georgie will help her shyness
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Oh that is really exciting Eileen. It will really be good for her and Georgie too to have each other around.

They will teach each other cat things.
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Oh I can't wait for pics!
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Well, my little foster girl is here as of this morning and has been named Rosie by my niece who was visiting at the time.

She's a little cutie, shy, but not nearly as much as I expected. She loves to cuddle and is just a little unsure of herself. I think having Georgie around will help with that, although he's not entirely thrilled with the newcomer yet. Since Rosie has diarrhea and is on meds for the next few days, I have to keep her in a kitty playpen when I'm not around, so that will help with the introductions.

Pics of sweet little Rosie are here if you're interested:
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She's so beautiful!!!!!
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Just wanted to update on baby Rosie. The rescue told me she'd need some socialization, but I don't see it. She was a little scared at first, but came around quickly. She loves being held and snuggled and, in fact, demands it. When told how pretty she is, her little tail quivers in excitement. She's adorable! It's so fun watching her and Georgie play. She's smaller than him, but definitely has the upperhand and doesn't hesitate to hiss or bop if it gets to be too much. What a tiny, fiesty girl! Little Rosie is going to make somebody a wonderful, loving kitty.
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Awwwwww she sounds so adorable, I always love to see little girl kitties with a little umph to their personalities.

She sounds like shes doing really well.
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