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Bengal Cat Needs Home ASAP!!

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My cousin has a good friend who recently passed away. She owned a 3 year old Bengal cat who has found herself homeless. My cousin is getting her tonight, but is unable to keep her, as am I. PLEASE, if you know of anyone who could and/or would give her a good home PM me. We live in Eastern Virginia. She is declawed and spayed and up to date on shots. As soon as I get a picture I will post it. I don't know what will happen to her if we can't find a home for her and quickly!
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Oh I wish I lived in VA. My aunt does but I'm not sure that she would take it. I'm sure that since it is a Bengal it would be more than easy to find a home for it. Have you visited Pet Finder or anything. Bengals are pretty popular!
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PM me. I can't permanently take her, but I can possibly help.
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Bless you for trying to help that kitty, Jasmine.

I just wrote to a friend in that area. She has as many cats as she can keep now, but might know of someone who could give the kitty a home; I'll forward her reply if she does. And I posted a link to your message to other online friends, too, though the only other friend I can think of offhand who lives in that area has a large dog and no cats. She might know of someone who'd be happy to adopt the kitty, though.

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Jasmine, I PM'd you about 10am this morning, so I wanted to make sure you got it. I'm not sure what part of Eastern VA you are at, but we're willing to help, since we're right at the VA border.
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THANK YOU ALL!!! I had to work today, so I'm not able to respond until tonight! I've gotten such great response, nothing solid, but we're encouraged!!

Here is a link to a webshots page with pics of Minx, the lap leopard. It's in the album called Crazy Animals.
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She is gorgeous! If Minx is nearly as sweet as she looks, she will have people lining up to give her a good home.
I would love to have her myself, but it is just not possible right now.
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Hi Jasmine-
Did you find a placement for this kitty? We are waiting to hear happy news!
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I'm waiting to hear back tonight about a new mommy for Minx...everybody say a prayer, cross your fingers!!
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Sending happy ending wishes your way. Do not hesitate to contact me if it doesn't pan out.
I know this kitty has many people waiting to offer help. Since eventually I will bring bengal babies to the world, please know I am also here to help homeless bengals who need it.
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I got the word this evening, my friend Jessica is offering Minx a new home!!!

I hope Minx and her new cat-mate will get along!!

Thank you SOOOOOOO much everyone who offered help, it was very encouraging! I know that if Minx needs any help in the future I can look here! I found you guys just in time!
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Thats wonderful!!! I am so glad Minx has found a home!! And hope it works out!!!
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