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Change in cat behaviour ???

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Hi all,

Let me give a run down of the recent situation. At present I have 6 cats. The adults are 10 and 7, the teenager is 8 months, and 3 kittens. My 7 year old, has always been independant, always outside ( cept on cold days/nights ) then he is welcomed in. Anyway, since adding the new edition kitties, the 3 kitties, he has been ( as always ) content too stay outside and enjoy many pats and stone fetching, as per ususal. However, my 8 month old cat, has been inside now for about 2 months, since I lost his sister ..now my 7 year old has never really liked any new edition, very territorial, BUT he has accepted them accordingly. Here is what I am confused about...until the last 4 nights....my 7 year old was never interested in bein inside, except if mainly alone in my room ( which is normal )..and he stopped ever wanting too go through the house since the new kitties arrived a few months ago, in fact he would struggle to get free from me carrying him, and once on the ground he would simply meow at the door too get out as fast as possible ! ...BUT the last 4 nights, he has come in the house ( night only ) walked EVERYWHERE, which he never used to do this, basically got into mischief, clawing the carpet, cords etc, and rubbing up against the furniture. Put in the room with the 10 year old and the 8 month old...sometimes he does not mind...he is best friends with the 10 year old, he has no problem with him at all...but the last 4 nights he despises it, and insists on being in here with me in the pc room ! and he curls up meows too me when I leave the room, yet does not move from the chair, on my arrival lots of meows and he continues too sleep. This is very odd too me, being , for so long this cat was SO NOT interested in being anywhere near the other cats, or where they have been ( still isn't ) and would be mortified too ever be put in the lounge area...yet NOW he makes it a point too do so!!, just the last 4 nights mind, and is more than happy too be with me alone in here but understandable, he is in perfect health, been to the vet recently for a check up. Any suggestions as too why the sudden change in behavior ?? and what does this mean ?? Thankyou much
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Barring illness (I will discuss at the end of this post)-

I think your 7 year old is making sure the new kitties become familiar with his scent and especially that they are aware of his relationship with you.

The rubbing of furniture and clawing the rug, chewing cords or rubbing his face on things, and using scratching posts, chairs etc. are all marking behaviors- because cats have scent glands in their paws and mouth and they leave smells that only other cats can detect.

It is probably a good thing that he is in the house right now and letting the others know about him and his relationship with you, because indeed your new kitties will need to know and accept him; and it is best now and not during sub-zero weather when they are used to life without him.

You can make the transition easier by rewarding your new kitties with treats when they are all in proximity to each other and the new cat. Also you can introduce toys and play with all of them together, calling each of them by name and one by one to capture a string on a stick and that sort of thing. Most of them will wait their turn but I imagine the babies will not have that much impulse control. But that is ok, they will associate being with your older kitty with playtime and attention and that is good because they will accept him more if they think good things happen whenever he is around.

Also it is good that your new kitties see that you have a primary relationship with your 7 and 10 year olds, so they will respect your 2 oldies and take their place in the pecking order while they are still young. The younger they are when they accept their place, the easier it is for everyone.

On the illness side, you said he curls up and sleeps and does not move and cries and wants to be near you. I just want to be sure he is not sick in any way. If he has normal appetite, movement, and litter box use, I would not worry. But if he is lethargic or anything like that, he should see a vet.
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Thankyou very much for your advice Barb !....Everything you said makes sence, I was thinking along the same lines...he is now feeling it is time for him too make his presence known too the other ( intruders ) and this is good, that he feels he can now without being afraid or * put out *...because I favour none of my kitties, they are all equally devoted too. He is healthy, clean bill of health, I apologise I should have been clearer on this statement, about meowing when I left and came back. He did this out of communication, he is my Ceefy ( as I so galantly call him ) and he always talks too me this way...when he is vocal it normally means he wants me or something , like a fetch game ...he has a good appetite, just a few minutes ago he ate some salmon, and his toileys are fine too, and he was out all day hunting ...okay so I guess this is just a *normal* yet delayed part of socialization for kitties I shall keep an eye on things and make sure I do the right things by correct introduction, now that MR C'For seems ready hehe Thankyou much again Barb !
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