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Pink Vomit - Help!

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Now that Charlie and Jack are eating well I thought that I would be in the clear! No such luck! I noticed last night that Lily, my grey and white rescue has vomited twice and it's pink! Could the pink mean blood? I'm so worried! My husband is taking her into the vet today to get her checked. It was a pale cotton candy pink. She just didn't seem herself this morning since she just laid down on the floor instead of walking around after eating. But she did eat breakfast so at least that was good.

Has anyone ever come across pink vomit before? I'm really worried about her, she's only a little over a year old.
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That's weird. I don't recall ever running across pink vomit. Hopefully the vet appointment goes well.
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My cat's have vomitted pink because of the color/type of food they ate. Could that be it??
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I agree, it could be something she ate...food or otherwise. If she vomited blood, it would be brown, unless it came from her throat or mouth. And then it would be bright red. I sure hope it's nothing serious!!
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My Levi had pink vomit one time. I started to freak, but then I realized I had fed him some pink salmon flavored treats that obviously didn't agree with his tummy. So did she eat something that had red or pink food dye?
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Thank you all! The more that I think about it, the more sure that I am that the food that she ate yesterday was pink. I will pull the can out of the trash when I get home. I still want my husband to take her to the vet to make sure, but I am hoping that it is just the food coloring.
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you should stray away from any dry food that is dyed red. The dye they use can cause health issues. It is better to buy food that is all one color. When cat food is processed before coloring, it is the color of charcoal. People would never buy black food, thus the various dyes that are used. Did you check her mouth for bleeding? sore gums perhaps?
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Lily is OK! The Vet checked her and said she did not appear to be in pain and she did not have a fever. Since he could not find anything else wrong with her, he ran some blood work and checked her stool sample. Everything came back negative! So he gave her a shot to settle her stomach and gave us some antibiotics to take home. She seems fine, just a little unsettled. I'll be keeping an eye on her. I hope that she feels better. She's my little buddy. She only loves me, she won't come near my husband, so I was worried all day about her.
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That's good to hear that Lily is fine. Mikey has thrown up pink before. Sometimes it was the food, other times it was slightly blood-tinged, b/c of his IBD.
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