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bottel feeding

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Well Zackis about 12 weeks old and the vet told us to continue giving milk to him thourgh a bottle for a while longer.I just read a magazine and it said something about not letting the kitten suckle the bottle but to just llet the milk drip into thier mouths?!/
I have been feeding him with the bottle the way you would feed a human baby,you know like tilting it up....

Zack also makes sorta of soft wheezing sounds after having his milk is this bad?

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Wheezing sounds make me think he is aspirating some of the milk (getting it into his lungs). Does Zach choke when e is drinking from the bottle?

How big is the hole in the nipple?
I would think that the hole in the nipple would be smaller for an older kitten than for a newborn. The older kitten can suck harder than a smaller kitten, which would make it easier to pull in too much liquid too fast.

But I am not an expert on bottle feeding a feline baby, just a human one.
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thanks for responding.

No he does not choke at all when drinking.

the hole of the nipple is extremely small,much smaller than the ones on human baby bottles.
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Are you HOLDING him like a baby while bottle feeding him? Never do this, you want to make sure he is right side up, on all fours in your hand, towel, or in your lap or something. But he has to e this way otherwise you run the risk of the milk getting into his lungs and drowning him. By the wheezing, she is exactly what it sounds liek is happening.
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