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Hi, I'm a new member to the Cat Site and ImageStation. Both are wonderful sites. I have already gotten a wealth of good info on kitties from this site. It's great to find a legitimate forum without rude people and vulgarity. I have 4 cats, Sunny 14, Cassidy 4, and littermates Sebastian & Scarlet 1. The littermates are new since last Sat., the 14th and I've been in the Behavior forum getting advice on introducing them to the resident cats. So far, so good. I recently lost another 14 year old, my soulmate (Spuds) after a long illness of diabetes and feline leukemia. He was a trooper!
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Good to see you venturing over to The Cat Lounge! We have lots of fun here, as well as a few vents and a few tears. Jump in anywhere!

I'm so sorry to hear about Spuds. It sounds like you have quite a full household of furry loves now, too.
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Welcome to TCS. I'm going to move this to the New Cats on the Block Forum where you will get a proper TCS welcome!!

Post often!
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Thanks Heidi, it's great to be around so many cat lovers! I increased the intro time last night between my new pair and the 2 resident cats and things went very well. It appears that my oldest Sunny (14yr female) may be the difficult one to acclimate. She ignores them, but if they make any advances, friendly or not, towards her, she is in attack mode. I really thought it would be Cassidy (4yr male) that would cause issues, but he seems very happy to have youngsters around to eventually play with. They all did the nose-to-nose touch, rather guarded but at least no hissing & growling like Sunny. Ohhhhhh, the pleasures of kitty motherhood. I keep them separated during the day while I'm working, but at night they get to roam and explore the house and each other......I can't wait until they are all friends, I know it will happen, just a matter of time.

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