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Two kittens is easier than one, by far, but sure you can raise a perfectly happy healthy animal if you only get one. Thousands, no, millions, of people have done it. two is twice the fun, and they entertain each other. You will scoop twice the poop, though, AND...in my area, and many others, there are no "discounts" for having more than one, even if you bring them in together. Depending where you live, it can be tremendously more expensive to maintain an extra animal.
Example: yesterday I took two kittens to my regular vet for 2nd series shots, fecals, worming, and microchipping. Cost each: 156 dollars. Now multiply by two. (yes, that's over 300 bucks for routine health care) Now consider-that is just one visit. Tonight I will be running in with a kitten who has an inflamed eye. Not routine, but these unexpected things happen and should be planned for in your cat budget. One is more cost effective, plain and simple.
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yup can't say anything there, one is more cost effective.....

but, things happen that you don't plan for and your one cat could have a 1500 vet bill like Stoli did in Jan, or nothing could happen except for routine checkups. The routine stuff is easy to plan for....with one or two cats. But it's the OMG moments that can cost alot.
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I would suggest 2 kittens also. The financial end is important though... so if only 1 is in your budget, then I guess that's the way to go.

I agree w/Renovia about the food cost.

The vet costs can vary a lot. I took 4 kittens in for shots in January and it was $125 total. At a cat only clinic, too.
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yeah, things that you can plan ahead for and budget for are 'easy' to pay for, it's the stuff that crops up unexpectedly that is scary.
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I guess you have to break it down into a list of importance. Is it more important to have a kitten which only lasts for approx. 6 months before it looks like an adult or have a young adult that has a more known personality and a great chance of what you want for the rest of his life? In other words...

Kitten vs Personality match

If it's a kitten then you must realize that for the next 20 years you may be disappointed in the cat not being what you were looking for. It's why personally I prefer cats older than a year old.

You may want to look into kittens/cats that have been in foster homes for awhile. Those you find at shelters may not show their true personalities due to stress. Those in foster homes eventually open up and will be themselves. Currently I have a foster who is a 10 month old seal point male who is not too people oriented. Granted, he is still young and may become more affectionate as he matures, but because he is still young it's an unknown.
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Concerning the idea of 2 kittens - some shelters require it now! At least I've been told the Human Society here in the Seattle area does. They don't for older cats - a lot of them are used to being only cats so that's fine (and they are much more difficult to find homes for). But for kittens, they want you to adopt 2 at once. I think it's not only so they have company, but also so they can get rid of more kittens - LOL.

We got two Bengal "teenagers" from pure breed rescue. Their first owner turned out to be too allergic to keep them. Because we got two at once, they have not required nearly as much time on our part. Sure, we play with them, but they spend hours playing with each other, so they burn off lots of that bengal energy that way.
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