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I work for a major cargo airline. What do I do? I work with the aircraft mechanics and make sure they go through all their training, assist with the hiring and firing , alot of paperwork etc.
I have one son who just grad college and 1 daughter just started college and two step children just started living with us (two of my husbands children).
A year ago we had no animals, now we have 5 cats and one dog
A year ago children grown and on their own, now 2 more children due to their mother neglecting them and leaving them days at a time alone . But everything is coming together and we are working through it.
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I am looking forward to just teaching English as a Second Language this year. Last school year, I taught ESL and Spanish. It was way to much to prepare for, and my schedule was different from the rest of the teachers on my team.

I like ESL, I really feel like I can accomplish something. I have small groups of students, usually 6-10 at a time, and I get to know them. Some of my beginner students who speak Spanish come to me with school papers they don't understand, since I speak Spanish too. They also would stop by just to chat. They liked having someone who understood them and that they could talk to.
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Joyce, I really admire your strength and determination in finishing your degree.

Catlover67, Teaching is a lot of freedom and control, but there is a focus on assessment testing, especially since the No Child Left Behind Act. Most of the emphasis comes in the form of stressing reading and math to the exclusion of science and social studies, at least where I work. Still, it is more freedom than most jobs, as long as you like spending time with kids.
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Ditto those thoughts Bren.1

way to go Joyce
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I'm an Academic Assistant and Program Assistant for a Cancer Center. I support 3 oncologists and a genetics counselor for the Familial Cancer Program.
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For the last 18+ years I was a respiratory therapist. Last year, I had had enough (burnout) and retired. I was only able to do this because my husband died in 98 and I was able to draw on his social security. I don't know how much longer I could have gone on, things were changing so rapidly and I had been out of the loop as it was, for 5+ years. We had merged 2 hospitals and I worked at the mostly outpatient site. Did mostly phlebotomy and ekgs. Not much of my original training. You get very rusty when you don't use it.

Have been retired for a little or a year now. Need a part time job just to get out and about. I live in the country and never see many people unless I drive 40 miles to town where I worked.

Now I take care of 5 acres of land, a house 2 dogs and 2 cats and me. A full time job in itself as I am over 60 and can't stay with it for too long at a time. I keep trying tho. Can't give up or I will be a confirmed couch potato....lol
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said the same thing. It is a GOOD thing I enjoy children. I also had a very lousy elemtary school experience and I want to make sure that my students don't abuse each other socially, emotionally, and verbally like I was. I would go home crying almost every day in grades 4th-6th because of the cruelty I endured from the other students. I want to make a difference in children today. As far as the emphasis on Math and Reading, Well... I must admit when it comes to mathematics I am no brain surgeon. In fact I really dislike math. I ALWAYS have done poorly at it and I am getting by in my college course with C's. Every other subject though I get mostly A's and a couple of B's. I have almost a straight A average right now. I really excel at reading and look forward to teaching children how to read.
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What an interesting thread. I have really enjoyed reading through all the various things that people do.

I just got promoted to Senior Administrative Officer at one of the city's University's. I am responsible for producing all the University's certificates and awards, handle appeals against examining board decisions and provide interpretations of the University's Rules and Regulations for whoever may need them! It's much more fun than it sounds!

In the past I have been anything from a bar maid to a checkout operator, credit controller to technical support section head.

And I have to agree with all those who have said that no-one should be ashamed or embarassed about what they do. If you are out working, earning a living, you are making a contribution.
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