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Krazy Kat2 and flimflam - got my fingers crossed for you!

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I'm a first-year graduate student in English. I wake up around 11 AM, go to class for an hour or so, and spend the rest of my day reading, talking, and thinking about books. My focus is early 20th century American lit (esp. African American), but for the first couple of years I'm taking classes in all sorts of areas, including learning Old English. It's not too shabby, except for the meager pay. Next year I begin teaching Freshman Composition in addition to taking classes.

Before I started the program, I was a legal assistant in environmental law at a big DC firm. Before that, I was in college.
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I'm a builder service rep for a major cabinet manufacturer. I talk with the superintendants from the different home builders. I "manage" the west valley of Phoenix, and some of the builders are Continental, Beazer, etc. I talk with these guys throught the day. My job is to order parts (such as broken cabinet doors), key new houses (when a super calls in and says he needs to schedule cabinet installs) then I release the house, and order that entire house for cabs; make new starts (starts are when a house has just been release to production and we find out the lot address, etc). I also schedule service out for the parts that have come in. I am lucky ... I am in the production stage of the house, not when it has become occupied, so I dont deal with the customer servic part. I like it, but even thought I've only been there a few months, somedays it gets frustrating. I need to go back to school ... I'd really like to get into the mortgage industry.
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I trained as a Graphic Designer and them worked in a number of studios in and around London. In the early/mid 90s I met my now husband, and we started a design agency, of which I was Creative Director. This failed because the 2 guys we started it with just weren't interested, and were using it as a vehicle to pursue their own objectives.

I then swallowed my pride an a massive pay cut, and started at the bottom in the marketing department of Bang & Olufsen's UK head office. This job taught me tons about marketing and I had quite a good time there for 5 and a half years. I then went on to be a Marketing Manager for a London silversmiths who manufactured beautiful tableware in their East London workshops.

Recently, following redundancy, I have started my own marketing agency - we specialise in providng multilingual marketing support across a number of industries.

We got our first ever project last week which means I can get a loan and neither I or the cats starve this Christmas!
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I have my own business as a personal chef. I cook everyday meals for people in their homes and do their grocery shopping. I go once a week or once every two weeks and fill up the fridge and freezer with easy convenient meals, mostly suppers, but for some people lunches and breakfasts, too. For my regular clients I also do dinner parties and special events, but not just for anybody, like a caterer would do. This morning I stuffed a turkey and made about 7 side dishes for a client who is hosting a Christmas dinner for 14 on Wednesday. This afternoon I went to another client's home and did some fish pies, a macaroni and cheese, a meatloaf, some soups, wrap sandwiches and mashed potatoes.

I started my business almost 2 years ago, when I was laid off from my job in my "official" field of training, chemistry. I worked in labs for about 7 years before this happened, from the time I was a upper level undergrad at university. I loved that work, but I was getting sick of the office politics that always seem to rear their ugly head, so other than financially I wasn't sad to leave that place. I love working by myself, since I have always been a bit of a loner. It's a fairly low-risk business with almost no overhead or initial investment and now that my schedule is pretty much full with regular clients, my income is steady. I got a lot of help from a government program associated with employment insurance; they extended my benefits for an extra 9 months (without penalty, regardless of how much I made at my business) and taught me about all aspects of how to run a business. I couldn't have done it without them, and I encourage anyone trying to start a business to look into gov't programs - you never know what you might find!
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krazy kat -

I have a friend who owns a tatoo/body piercing shop. He says it's petty tough business, too. Good luck!!

Sounds like a lot of really great talent on this board. And that means EVERYONE! The world needs people to do many jobs. All of them matter, just like all people matter.
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And KIM, to your question! When I'm working on the PC, whether at home or in the office, I just leave the cat site up in the background. Inbetween calls or projects (I work a lot writing or building models in excel), I "pop over" and read or write a reply - or finish writing one I started. It means that sometimes I'm writing something in response to someone, and then there's a bunch of posts inbetween - but - that's life!

(That's why I put myself in "invisible" mode - or it would look like I was on-line on the cat site all day, when I'm often off doing something else!)

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Laurie, thanks for saying those things to me. I appreciate that! You are so kind!
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It's just the truth!!!
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I don't have a fabulous job like some of you, but I DO like my job, and I guess thats inportant too.

I work as a cashier at a hardware store- I love being able to socialize with people every day. My boss is great, very accomodating when I have to call in sick due to an ill child or lack of daycare.He often plans outings for the staff, all paid for by him- like bowling nights and beach parties. I live in a tiny town, so most of my customers are people I know. The people here are notoriously friendly, so it makes my job a lot of fun
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My main job is being a music student at the University of Arizona. But part time I work for a pet sitting agency, and I also do orchestra gigs.
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I'm a Registered Nurse (RN), but I haven't worked in a hospital in years. I work for a company that gets subcontracted by insurance co's, workers comp and auto mostly, to medically manage their cases.

In English, that translates as: I get to meet people who are hurt at work or in a car accident, attend their doctor's appts with them, and update the insurance co and employer on how they are progressing. When they are recovered and can return to work, I help that to happen, if there are restrictions I make sure the employer sticks to them so the patient doesn;t get hurt all over again by overexerting.

I spend a lot of time on the road and also sitting in doctor's offices. When I am not on an appt, I work from home. This is time to make phone calls and type up reports on the computer. (It is also time to browse the Cat Site..shh.. ).

I like this way better than the hospital. No weekends, no night shifts, no holidays. And I get to know the patients as they recover over weeks or months, as opposed to only seeing them for a day or two in a hospital bed.
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I am currently a full-time student *trying* to earn my BS in Computer Information Systems. I retired from the Army National Guard in 2000 with 20 years and 3 days of service. Of the 20 years in the Guard, 15 of those I worked as a Federal Civil Service employee. I got so stressed over my job that I finally left to go to work as an Administrative Assistant in the civilian sector. I was then advanced to Information Systems Manager within the same company. I worked for a not-for-profit substance abuse/mental health counseling agency, so there was no hope of ever getting a decent wage. My husband died suddenly in March 2001, and I continued to work until August 2002. I decided I needed to go back to school and finish my degree--mostly just to take a break from the "real world" and eliminate some negative stress in my life. I expect to graduate from university in May 2005.
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Oh My Gosh...I'm so sorry to hear about your Husband. What a tough thing to go through.
It's great that you wanted to go back to school! More power to ya!
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I'm an RN, left nursing when I married 7+ years ago. I was a high risk labor and delivery RN for 13 years.
Met my husband on a specialty pets forum on Compuserve
Co-founded & co-owned a pet products business for 5 years, and now have a sole proprietorship that focuses on catnips, cat treats and toys. I love it!
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This thread is very interesting.... it's really neat to know everyone's career.

Joyce - I am sorry to hear that your husband passed so suddenly. You sound like one strong lady. I think it's cool that you are going back to finish your degree!

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I've changed jobs, since this thread started. Now, I'm a customer service rep for Chrysler Financial, handling inbound customer service calls.

Beats the heck out of Walgreens: I'm off of my feet, the pay is better, the hours are better and there isn't as much bovine excrement!
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I'm a legal assistant for an immigration lawyer.
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Shell and Kim, thank you for your kind words. It truly is like they say, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."
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My background is in Civil Engineering, I work for the RTA (Roads and Traffic Authority)designing roads and highways. Nowdays my projects are more Traffic engineering related.
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I'm the maid, the cook, the caretaker of one bouncing busy 9 month old son, cattaker, litter cleaner, gardener and a sometimes nice wife I 'retired' from the workforce which was wreaking havoc on my morals, worked at a medical insurance, investigating malpractice cases.
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Well I work as a C.P.A.'s Administrative Assistant. Another words a glorified flunky

I do all the prepration for the tax returns, input and organize for his review. My speciality is payrolls. I just got a promotion to where I go onsite and do payrolls for major companies in our area. It's a drag all of the travel time but the pay is real good

I am also going to night classes to finish my degree in Accounting, that way when the senior partner in the firm retires in the next 5 or so years I can become the junior partner in the firm.
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hmmm...you guys are really holding an interesting life... i work for the national healthcare group in singapore as a data analyst assistant..to assist them in projects and verify their data..since now that the project is delayed, i get loads of time to surf the forum...
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Wow, this thread is so interesting! Thanks, Sam, for bumping it!

My college degree is in Accounting but I HATED that, so I ended up working as a computer programmer, then project manager, then VP and Internet Business development manager in banking for 18 years.

I have 2 children, and when my second child was born in 1995 I decided I simply HAD to find a way to be a stay at home mom with my children.

I used my programming background and translated it to web development, and created my own ecommerce websites, which include



going on 3 years ago I was finally able to 'retire' and work from home full time -- AND be with my kids!

About a year and a half ago I decided to start another company/website, that focused on something that I love -- and

CatsPlay.com - Everything imaginable for cats

was launched!
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I will try to keep it short.

1st Job: 1985-1988 Noah's Ark Pet Center. Quit because I got a "promotion" in title only. No pay raise.

2nd Job 1988-1996 (on and off. Full-time to part-time, back to full, left for other jobs, came back, etc.) Pet Supply retail chain.Quit for the final time in 1996.

3rd Full-time job. Worked as an inspector for Enesco Corp. (distributor for Precious Moments figurines). Quit because I was getting paid half of the wages of the union workers and did twice the work! It was too physically demanding too. (I was considered office work therefore non-union and less pay).

4th Full-time Job. Was office help for a fluid/hydrolic/pneumatic parts distributor. Job was fun but the male owners of the company SUCKED!! They would insult and holler at us girls if we didn't meet their expectations on any given day. Very high stress job. I quit because I moved.

5th Full-time job Same thing for the exact same type of company but in a different state this time. Quit because we moved back to the midwest. I was on the verge of getting fired anyway, because they didn't like the fact that I wasn't able to do 4 different jobs effeciently enough.

6th Full-time Job worked as an inside salesperson for an animal distributor. I got fired because I made two costly errors and I was not liked by my supervisor. (I had worked under him years earlier at Noah's Ark. He was VERY anal and had a very nasty way of "correcting" people. He would basically "screw" with their minds and be subtly very insulting without actually calling someone stupid. He was VERY arrogant.)

7th Full-time Job. Worked in a retail store in a mall. Quit because it was too boring.

8th Full-time job. Worked as a cashier in a grocery store but got fired for forgetting to pay FIRST for a candy bar that I ate on my break. It didn't matter that other employees did this routinely as well, I got singled out because I got paid more then most of the others. Oh, Well! It worked out because it forced me to go back to college and finish a teaching degree that I started over 10 years ago. I got a 2 year degree in 1995 and now I am one year away from completing a Bachelor's degree in Education with a Library Media Minor degree.

CURRENT JOB: School and I also own my own pet-sitting business. I absolutely love it! My clients are happy, their pets love me, and best of all I don't have a whiny male boss exerting his authority over me. I cannot believe how many male bosses I had that expected me to drop everything I was doing and accept interruptions from my tasks without complaint AND be efficient about stopping and starting multi-tasks, AND take HARSH criticsm without batting an eye. I have YET to see a male boss allow HIMSELF to be interrupted and handle multi-tasking as patiently and effeciently as the men expect the women to do! As a result, I have NO respect for male authority. They all want women to take what they cannot take themselves! They are loud, domineering, and whiners. I love working for myself, and if I become a teacher, I basically will have the classroom to myself. IF I work for a male principal at least he won't be sitting in my classroom with me!
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I'm a nurse's aide and I've only ever had this job. I've been doing it for 4 years...
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Originally posted by catsplay.com
Wow, this thread is so interesting! Thanks, Sam, for bumping it!
Wow! Thanks alot Amy!
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*lump *bump
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