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a sneaky way to get more nutrition in her?

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My pregnant Lily won't eat kitten food..... we can't afford the pricier brands, so we do what we can....she eats Friskies just fine, but I want to get more nutrition in her!!!! We have 75% of the KMR we bought for Sophie when we first got her left, so I have been trying to get her to lap it up, but she doesn't want to.

Is there anyway to sneak some extra nutrition into her??? She seems like a skinny cat with a big baby belly, I want to make sure I'm doing all I can!!!
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i would give her wet food, whatever one she will eat, and mix some NutriCal with it. NutriCal comes in a tube, avail at most any pet store for UNDER $10 a tube, so its not to bad. it will give her extra calories and nutrients. she can also eat it by itself too. Good Luck!!!
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that is exactly what I was going to say

Make sure the Friskies you buy doesn't have pieces in it that are dyed red. Those are SO bad for animals, those dyes, the red in particular.

A quick note on food, it might save you money actually, I would suggest switching to a better brand and buying a huge giant bag of it, splurge on it all in one shot. It may actually save you in the long run because on healthier foods, cats eat less, need less vet visits and make less mess in the litterbox. Plus you are going to need them all on healthier food, it costs so much to raise a litter of kittens. They need 3 sets of vaccines for EACH kitten, deworming and then spaying and neutering in the end. It can cost a small fortune!

Good luck!
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Am I looking for red in the WET friskies??? That's the only friskies we use.

I have Purina One Healthy Weight dry food for our big girl.......purina dry kitten chow for our 5 month old baby and pregnant mama cat. We leave those out in hopes they'll eat the dry kitten food (which they do occasionally munch at), because neither will TOUCH the wet kitten food of any brand!!!

Other than those dry foods, we feed the Friskies wet....so is it the wet friskies to check for the red dye, or were you just referring to the dry???

Thanks about the tip for the NutriCal...I'm going to Petco tomorrow to grab some of that for the baby and the pregnant mama.

Oh, and by the way, we *WERE* feeding our chubby girl the Hills Science Diet Low-Cal Weight Loss formula, but switched back to the Purina One, because honestly, there was NO budge in her weight and the purina is less-expensive. (she doesn't particularly like either, but hey, they're weight-loss)
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The dyes are just in the dry. (IMO, avoid all foods with dyes in them)

Would you be able to afford $10 for 18 lbs of Chicken Soup? I speak from experience when I switched like 20+ cats from Purina to Chicken Soup...they really do eat & poop less!

ETA: Is there a Wal Mart nearby? Their brand Maxximum, is pretty good.
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We could probably do 10dollars for 18 pounds of chicken soup, I'm just not sure where to find it in a store nearby (can't do the online purchasing thing right now). Any suggestions of big retail pet stores?

Walmart is where we get our Friskies, I really need to check for that Maxximum.
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Shoot! That was a type on my part, I am so sorry. It is $20 for the 18 lbs. of Chicken Soup. The Maxximum I think is a slight bit cheaper than the Chicken Soup.

Also, have you checked into some of Petsmarts foods? Like Authority or Blue Spa, not sure on pricing but they aren't too bad. by Nature dry is OK, too.

Chicken Soup most people find at feed mills, otherwise I don't know if like Petco or Petsmart carries it.
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Well Petco is where we mainly go, there's a huge, great one we travel forty minutes to go to and so after getting advice on all of this, I'm going to definitely check out what they have and for what prices.

Thanks so much for all the advice!!!!!!!
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Petco has less of a selection. They've got like Natural Balance & Nutro for high quality foods. Nutro MAX cat might be one to look in to. I buy a 20 lbs. bag of adult formual for $20.
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