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Treating Kitten for Fleas...????

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We have a kitten who is about 10 weeks old. Last night I saw a flea, then today I gave him a bath and found another one. What would be the best way to treat him? We have a newborn baby (3 days old) in the house so we want to stop this in it's tracks....any adivice?
And then when we get rid of them, is he too young for a flea collar or drops?
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i recently got my kitten hes 1st booster at the vets and while there they gave me a free sample of Frontline Spot-On and it seems to have worked bcoz when i groomed him i found ded fleas! so im going to contiunue using it
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Please don't use anything from the store on a kitten that young.

I think Capstar can be used on a kitten that young - check with your vet. It kills them immediately. I don't think my vet let us start the spot treatment until older - but I may be off on that.

The kittens bedding needs to be washed in hot water immediately. Vaccum the house and throw away the bag (or empty the cannister) immediately. Contents going outside.

Keep checking the kitten daily. Hopefully that will take care of it, but we had to use a fogger to get rid of them. With a new baby in the house, I would hesitate to use them. If it does come to that, I would take the baby and kitten to a hotel or to visit family for a week. (I'm very cautious and don't want to read any stories in the paper years from now on what I did being the worst thing to do to my child)
Good luck!
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I know that I only saw 1 and that there are probably alot more somewhere, but he is black and even when I move his hair I really can't see his skin. I am considering giving him another bath, because the last one I saw was on the towel.
Leaving the house for any period of time (except a few hours) is totally out of the question. He does not go in for shots/nuetering until the 26th. I will vacuum and dump a few times a day in the meantime.
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You might want to check out these threads for details on combing and vacuuming:



I dealt with fleas last fall - it's such a pain! Good luck!
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I have 2 dogs & they are on Advantage & Frontline Plus flea spot ons. When we got Blossom at 3 weeks of age she had no fleas. When she turned 3 mths old I started using Revolution for kittens & puppies, then switched to Revolution Adult cat when she reached the appropriate weight. It also controls mites, heart worm, intestinal worms & all life stages of fleas. Blossom has never had a flea on her. You would have to make sure the kitten doesn't go near the baby for a few days after & wash your hands after handling the kitten, before touching the baby.
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