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Bit of a break through

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This is the first time Daisy has ever let Tolly get that close

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I would say that is pretty darn close! Major break through!
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She's probably plotting how to shove him off that perch, Anne!
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Awwww so sweet!!! Tolly can come snuggle with me anytime
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Aww, there's room for two on that perch!
That must've made your day to see them snuggled up like that.
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That's so sweet!
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Awww Look at those two gorgeous snuggly kitties!
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Awww, cute snuggly kitties!!
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How long have they been together Anne?
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Breakthrough, indeed! That looks pretty amicable to me. Sweet, too.
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Oh Anne what a lovely garden you have! I am so jealous of your green thumb!

As for Daisy, well sometimes when a girl wants to snuggle any ol' guy will do.
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Well how sweet is that. Thats a pretty snuggly snuggle for a first time snuggle
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Awe, that is just soo precious and so cute, and such cuties they are
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That is so sweet
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Awwww, their so cute!
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Such a beautiful view, they wanted to share!
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Awwwwww now that's what i call a really close snuggle
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
How long have they been together Anne?
Nearly three years, she stopped hissing after about a year, but still gives him the occasional slap
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What a sweet picture!
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Well..You can let Daisy know if Tolly annoys her again, that Tolly is more than welcome to move in with me anytime.
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Oh that is so cute! I love Tolly's longness Now if you could just send them round here to have a word with Sonic and Radar.... I don't think my boys are ever going to even sleep in the same room, let alone cuddled up.
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aww close - close thats like seriously up close and very personal

makes your heart melt
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How cute

You know, I was thinking... if you were to drop off Daisy when you stole Mags, maybe I wouldn't notice he was gone so much!
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Awww, how cute is that?!!
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