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Mojo is Adopting Aurora

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Out sinister evil cat Mojo at first really hated the idea of us bringing Aurora, the kitten I raised from only 2 days old, who is now 7-8 weeks old. But, now that Aurora lives in the bathroom, Mojo has been going in there frequently and just 'hanging out'. So.. I started feeding Mojo in there so that, just like a momma cat would, she could help teach little Aurora how to eat hard food. So far so good, Aurora is very interested in EVERYTHING that Mojo does, but is very fearful of her sometimes at the same time. I am guessing Mojo has told her that she is the boss, so there will be no goofin' off... or she just heard the rumors of how evil Mojo really is and is just fearing for her life. Either way, this is a MAJOR breakthrough in my household. Aurora is VERY human friendly, and screams for attention. When we watch TV we cuddle with her, and she always climbs up my shirt and sleeps on my shoulder, sometimes nestled in to my neck. I am just sooo freakin' happy that she made it through such a hard life. The kidney infection at only a week and so old, the major malnutrition when I found her laying on the cement pad at only a day and a half old, her tiny body was nothing but skin and bones, and her breaths were 5 seconds apart. But... now you look at her and her pure white tiny self has grown in to a beautiful Pointed coloration, and man is she lively!
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Thats so great! Well done Mojo!
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How wonderful that Mojo found a place in her little heart for this baby.

(I have a Mojo kitty too! )
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How sweet! We would love some pics.
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Now that the weekend is here and I am not stressed out at work anymore, I will surly try to get some pics sometimes before monday! It is just amazing the huge turn around that happened in just 2 weeks, as 2 weeks ago Mojo would rather hunt the kitten than anything. Mojo is even sharing her dish with the kitten- which reminds me.. I am going to have to switch Mojo's food to the Kitten chow so that the kitten is eating right. Thanks everyone! Toodles.
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That is really sweet. About how Mojo has accepted the baby and how Aurora has miraculously survived such a horrible condition. Good for you in saving her life.

Cant wait to see the pics!!
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