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How long do I need to keep her in?

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How long do I need to keep my resident cat in after introducing a new kitten, to make sure that the resident doesn't run away?
Also, how long should I keep the kitten in for? I think until after he's had all his vaccines, then I should also wait until after he's been spade? Is that te right word for a boy cat? I think spade is for a female?!
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Unless if you live in the country, far away from roads, you should keep your babies in all of the time. Spay is for female cats, neuter is for males-since you asked

Feel free to ask any other questions!
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You definitely need to keep your kitten indoors until he's been neutered. It's not a bad idea to keep him in a bit longer too until he's matured and developed a natural wariness. Kittens tend to be fearless and are easily distracted, and so are much more likely to run into the path of a car chasing a leaf or something. If your other cat goes outdoors now there's no real need to keep him indoors because of the kitten, although it might prove difficult to let one out and keep the other in! If the resident cat is staying outside more because of the kitten I would consider confining the kitten to one room or part of the house, for some of the time at least, so that the resident cat feels less threatened.

Most people on here keep their cats indoors (including myself) but it is more common to allow cats outdoor access in the UK, as you know. If you think the area where you live is safe for cats then there's no reason why you shouldn't let your new kitten go outside. Cat proofing your garden or building a cat run in your garden is an alternative that would allow both your cat and new kitten to have some outdoor access while staying safe.
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It's accepted practice in the UK to let cats go out into the "garden" I don't see why your resident cat would want to run away if he/she's used to going out. I agree that you should keep the kitten in until he's been desexed (neutered as we say here) -- it would be the responsible thing to do.
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