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Ok, PHX is a short hair lynx point siamese mix cat... he never really seemed to shed that much before. I do have a brush for him, but every time I try to use it he just wants to play with it instead of getting brushed. So I don't brush him, and it's never been an issue. Lately (the last few days) it seems like he's shedding a lot.. I don't just mean a lot I mean A LOT! Why is this? What's going on? How can I get it to stop? It's frustrating me because he's getting hair all over the place!
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I add a touch of oil to the wet food during the shed season... It works for me and Zoey .... Who is semi feral and brushing can be a daunting task
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I don't feed him wet food!?! Would that make a difference?
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yes ... wet food of quality will have some extra and readily used fatty acids and vitamins to aid it shed releif
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can you recommend a good/inexpensive one? how often does he need to eat the wet food?

SORRY: This should probably be in the nutritional thread but it deals with shedding....
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lol.. it is grooming

meow mix ... some of the Iams chn beef and oceanfish entrees.... natural life( wal mart ) ... sheba in the tub....

What dry food is Phx eating
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In addition to what Sharky said, while you're brushing him - scratch his head, chin or cheeks with your other hand. That works for some of my reluctant cats. Pumpkin will sit still if I give her something to chew on...plastic or rubber kitchen utensils are tasty, she says. She's fine as long as she has something to gnaw on while I brush her.
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