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1 left behind

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hi im asking this for a friend, she has 2 young cats who have both fallen pregnant at the same time today we found mischief behind the sofa in a pool of watery blood and 4 kittens!!!all were well and we picked her up with kittens and placed a blanketed box back down in the same place. as my friend and her family were eating tea(5hours after first finding kittens )they heard meowing from upstairs they thought maybe gypsy had gone into labour but on closer inspection they found a baby upstairs under the kids cabin bed!!! my friend picked it up and took it to mum but cant understand why it was left!!!!! mum is not too bothered about the kitten at the moment but has licked it a bit will she reject it now? also do you think the other pregant cat will harm the kittens??
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The problem may be that the mother cat feels that kitten is not developing properly, they will neglet it in favor of caring for the favored kittens. This is Darwin's survival of the fittest at play.

The mother cat knows her stuff and may not care for this kitten she abandoned. More than likely she won't.

This is where you may ave to com into play by caring for the baby yourself. But beware, sometimes these kittens do not survive no matter what you do for them.

Also, if you can keep it alive long enough, you may want to try and let the other mother feed it when she has her kittens. That may work.
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and your deffently sure the other mother hasnt had any kittens?
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
and your deffently sure the other mother hasnt had any kittens?
i was gonna say that too! is the kit the same size as the other littermates? was it soaked? how is the other cat doing?
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hi all thanks for your posts, good news the little kitten was popped into the box with the others, the mother went off to get some dinner the little kitten (who was freezing) cuddled into the rest of the litter,when mum came back she didnt really notice the new one but fed it and wash it!! then mum went upstairs to the place where the little kitten was found and sniffed a bit but went back to the litter and now all kittens are happy and healthythe other mum has been shut up stairs in y mates room with a litter tray and food but is not looking like she is ready just yet even though she is massive!!!!!!! so it must be soon will keep you posted but for now its a succes story
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I'm so glad you found it!!!
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