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Sorry about the title, couldn't think of anything suitable :P

I won't be about as much over the Chrimbo period as I'm doing alot of work at home and building/selling a few new PCs (my new business venture, all declared to the tax people I might add). I will be popping in now and again to torment you all, especially Kumbulu, mwaha.

I had a large stock pile of PC parts from past upgrades so I built a small decent PC and sold it. I made a good profit and decided to build a few more. So now I have 4 cases under my desk along with alot of parts. I'm selling them to people in the local area who want a decent PC at a good price.

I have also built and donated one to a small local animal shelter because theirs kept breaking down. Now they have a new one which won't break down.

If this idea works out I intend to donate a PC every month to a local charity, if it doesn't, well at least I had a go
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BuNN - that's such a great idea. As well as making money for yourself and growing you business, you're also helping charity projects around you.

Nice one.
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That is so nice!
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Good luck on your new venture BuNN! That is such a great idea to donate one to a charity per month. They will be, and are thrilled, I'm sure.
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What a great idea! Are you getting the kitty army to help in the production line?
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Nah just the wood pixies.
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I hope this business goes really well for you!!! That is so nice of you to donate one to the animal shelter, and to want to donate one every month to charity if it works out well!!!!! WOW!!! You are quite a guy!!! Loves cats AND donates to charity!!!! Your fiance is a very lucky woman! (and so are we to have met you!)
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Want to travel to this side of the pond and make me a better PC? I just wanted to know I think it's great you are donating computers to needy charities. Lord knows we've become a computer world.

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