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what's for lunch today????

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What is everyone having for lunch today??? I'm about to go raid our kitchen and find something to fix up!
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I just had a little bit of salad. Not much else in the house today!
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I don't know, I am trying to think of what I want for breakfast, nothing looks yummy
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I bought a bowl of sweet & sour chicken & rice from HyVee last night - it looks so good, I hope its as good as it looks!
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I think microwaved hot dogs. Not sure yet.
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Papa Johns pizza. Bought one last night as part of their "Fan Club" day. One dollar from each pizza sold yesterday goes to a local organzation to purchase electric fans for the needy.
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Steak and eggs
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I had PB&J on wheat, 1/2 c. applesauce, and 2 sandwich cookies.
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I had a Slim Fast shake. I don't find mixing the power with a cup of milk filling, so I make my own recipe.

1 cup of skim milk
required amount of Slim Fast Powder
1/2 cup frozen berries

Run through blender on "Liquify" until the berry seeds are pulverized. Add 1 1/2 trays of ice cubes. Chop until ice is crushed, run through "Frapee" until you get a Starbucks-like forzen drink! Pour into a glass and enjoy! It makes a large glass the size of the large Starbucks frozen mochaccino coffees. Deliscious and very filling.
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prob a South Beach lunch,lol
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I wound up making some spaghetti
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hmm I think I am going to have either a salad or some cheddar fries I woke up with a very unpleasant stomach ache and cramps so I should at least try to get something in my system
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I was very bad. I ate something that is going to kill my gall stone very very soon. I had gone to fill some prescriptions. While I was waiting I went to a local diner that everyone raves about (Apache Burger) and got a cheesburger with onion rings. IF the burger had been good, I wouldn't regret the pain I'm about to get. At least the onion rings were tasty.

I am so not going back there!
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