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When do you normally clean out the litter pans in your house?

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I'm about to clean our litter pans out now since i have nothing better to do on my day off When do you normally clean out the litter pans in your home? How often do you clean them?
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I usually give the boxes a complete litter change once a week on a thursday or friday.
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I'm curious about this too! I scoop every day, sometimes twice, but I was wondering how often do I need to empty and replace the litter and wash the box out?

I add a little in after I scoop a few times when it gets low, but wasn't sure how often to just dump the whole thing.
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i completely clean ours every 3-4 weeks. usually on a saturday or sunday. if they are bad, on a weeknight.

i scoop 2-3 times a day.
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Well, I clean them out too much probably I am home all day most days, so as soon as my kittens wake, have eaten and played a while, I am in there scoop and bucket and my OTHER litter tray for my 8 month old I just watch, too see if he has used it, and clean accordingly. For me I average 6 or 7 times a day cleaning them out, they never get full, just a habbit I guess, when I KNOW there is waste in there , I have too dive in and clean em out ! of course the exception is while I sleep , like now I am going too sleep in this case...I clean it when I awaken
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I scoop everyday and completly clean it once a week usually on trash day,Thursday
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I scoop everytime I see something in there usually 3-4 times a day LOL But a FULL litter change/clean I do every 2 weeks, usually on Saturday morning.
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I scoop every night when I get home from work - and do a complete change every other Wednesday (payday )
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I have to use non-clumping litter for the kittens, so I scoop it out 3-6 times a day (depending on how often it needs it), and completely empty it twice a week... sometimes more often if necessary.
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
i completely clean ours every 3-4 weeks. usually on a saturday or sunday. if they are bad, on a weeknight.

i scoop 2-3 times a day.
I'll also add that choosing the actual day to clean them depends more on the availablity of sunlight than the time on the calendar. I prefer to just take them out in the backyard, spray them down with enzyme cleaner, let it sit, hose it down (possibly repeat if there's still soil or smell) and dry in the sun.

In the winter I have to do all this in the laundry sink or tub, so I usually just pick a box every weekend. We have usually 3 boxes and I'll do one a week.
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We clean every other day (due to the largeness of the box) and as far as a complete change...when it gets gross. It's a clumping litter that works so well, that the amount of litter decreases quite a bit, then I dump in a lot of clean litter on top (I tend not to mix it all up). It only smells when I'm scooping, or if one of the boys has pooed.
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Well, Forest is extremely picky about his litterbox. It has to be pristine or he'll opt to use the floor instead. Because of his disability, he has to squat really, really low...almost laying on the it's easy to see why he wants a clean box. But this means that the boxes have to be scooped as soon as they're cleaned out at my house.

We have two of the automatic Littermaid boxes. The Littermaid boxes scoop themselves, and we clean the catchers out every day or two depending on the amount they're used. We also have a huge underbed storage box that we use as another litterbox. (Again, to accommodate Forest...he needs room to spread out and squat down low.) That box has to be cleaned as soon as possible after it's used. Fortunately, Forest's habit is to use his litterbox after he eats, so we're usually able to get away with cleaning it just before we feed him (because the others will use it too) and just after.

This is probably way more detail on cat litter changing than anybody really wanted.
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complete change every 2 weeks, and scoop every other day, due to lots of oversized boxes with clumpiing litter.
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Just to add...I scoop 1-2 times a day just depending on the litter pans that day normally. I put a little sheet of paper from a sales add i don't need in the bottom of the pan so that the litter doesn't stick to the bottom and make a mess (little trick i picked up from my coworker when we were trying to use up all the donated newspaper) it works really well! I completly dump the entire litter pans (the big ones my kitties use) once a week and thoroughly scrub them out. Right now with Jasmine having litter issues, we're using the "Cat Attract" litter in all of their pans...but normally i use Arm & Hammer Multi Cats or the Kroger Brand of it (our local grocery store has an off brand of the arm and hammer that's amazing and is a fraction of the price!)

For my foster kittens when i have them- i scoop several times a day- at least three as i do not use scoopable/clumping litter with them. I dump their pans out at the end of each day (little ones) and wash and dry them out.
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I use good clumping litter and scoop daily. The girls have big litter pans, and we just put more in when they get low and probably do a complete change every 6 weeks or so.
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I scoop in the morning before I go to work (about 7am) then again in the evening (about 7pm). Once a week (usually on a sunday) I empty the clean, scooped litter into a carrier bag so that I can clean and disinfect the tray, then return the litter to the clean tray. I spot clean the sides of the tray if they need it during the week with a paper towel and litter tray cleaner/disinfectant. I chuck the litter away and start over about once every 2 months.
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I scoop it daily sometimes twice depending on the odor. Cello doesn't cover his mess and it stinks. Most of them go at dinner time so in the morning I scoop it out.

When I clean the boxes vary. The BM ones last longer than the urine boxes.
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Well as our litter box is in the bathroom and this sounds bad but it is within reaching distance of the toilette. The cats seem to have to go the same time I do so I usually scoop after I go to the bathroom. (not while im sitting on the toilet). But since it is so close its not nice to sit by when I have 2 cats that dont bother to cover theres. So it is scooped pretty often. I totally clean it once a week. We go through alot of cat litter with 3 cats. But not too bad since they use only 1 box.
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I scoop 2-3 times a day and completely clean it out about every 2 weeks unless it needs it sooner. I usually change Mickeys cake pan every 2 days, he uses non scoop litter for now as he is only 6 weeks. I just dump all that in the trash and replace it.
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