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christmas trip

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i have a quick question for everyone:

one of my kitties passed away just last week. it was quite sudden and we are still dealing with our loss...i'm wondering if i should bring my other kitty home for the holiday with me. i will be gone for 4 days and can have someone cat-sit, but i wonder if it would be better for her to come with me, or to stay at home where she's comfy...if anyone has any input, it would be much appreciated.

-lauren & polly
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I personally think the kitten should stay home... (this is where she'll feel the safest). You don't want your new kitten to experience any unneeded stress. Make sure you get someone who will check in on her a few time a day & play with her!!

I'm sure one of the experts can confirm!
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I would agree except for the recent circumstances. So I would ask you to weigh the situation for yourself and ask the following questions:

1. How close is this kitty to you?
2. Is she showing any signs of grief at all? Not eating, mewing, listless, restless, pacing?
3. If you take her , how much time will you really get to spend with her or will she just be stuck in a room so she doesn't get in trouble?

Normally it is the best thing to leave a cat or kitten in an enviornment she is comfortable with. If she shows any of the above signs of grief, please understand that adding stress to her right now, could cause some major health issues for her. But if she is so firmly attached to you that she now has to have you near her at all times, then I would take her with you IF the trip is short and she likes to travel.

That is how I would assess this situation. I am sorry for your sudden loss.
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