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Forgive me if this kind of thread has been done before hehe

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I thought it might be interesting too find out what people's favorite cat color's are, after all we all have favorites, what is your top 5 colors ! Mine are.......

1# Seal or Chocolate ColorPoints/ with cream

2# Grey/Silver/Blue with or without White, Tabbys

3# Ginger/ Red and White

4# Black or Brown Classic Tabbys

5# Tortishell ! Love em
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My favorite is obviously black fluffy kitties

My second favorite is blue, and I hope to get one sometime in the coming year.

I would love to have a black or blue smoke, but they are hard to find, especially in domestic kitties.
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Oh my goodness.....I really don't think i can pick favorites.....there are sooooo many GORGEOUS kitties out there! I like them all
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Ok I don't really know a lot about all the different colors, etc. So I'm just going to list what I like!

1. lynx point siamese (my cat PHX is a mix, with pretty blue eyes )
2. I love BENGALS! I want one someday...
3. all white cats
4. all black cats
5. any cat
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Ruddy and Red Somalis
Red tabbies
Solid White
Red Point
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1. Solid black or black/white
2. Red or red/white
3. Classic silver/brown tabbies
4. Calico
5. Pointed cats of any color

But of course, I love ALL cats, regardless of color!
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1. Red tabbies
2. Gray tabbies
3. Tuxies
4. Black cats
5. All other cats...I can't help it, I love them all
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Although there are certainly colors that are especially beautiful, I've never chosen a kitty because of his color -- it's always the personality, the instinctive sense that this kitty is meant for me, y'know? I'm sure that's true for many of us.

For many years, our family had only blue tabbies, and I'll always love them -- but my first kitty as an adult, in my own home, was my Clyde, and now I just melt when I see a white-and-black cat. I used to call them Holsteins; now I call 'em Clydiekitties.

I've always loved calicos, too, and our Sassy is a gorgeous mostly-black calico, medium-haired and massively fluffy... she's a glamour girl!

And now that we have St. John, I don't know how we managed all these years without a red tabby. He's the most spectacularly beautiful little guy, medium-haired and very fluffy, with a fabulous foxtail that makes him look like a cousin to one of Kitytize's lovely Somalis.

I also just love those fluffy black tabbies with white chin and paws, and white around their eyes.

And like everyone else, I'm dazzled by Bengals. Their coats are just stunning!

And in a close sixth place: all the other cats in the world.
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Black Cats
Gray/Blue Cats
Tabby Cats (all colors/patterns)

I have yet to see an ugly cat, so I pretty much like all the colors.
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1. blue - all kinds!
2. pointed - all colors
3. tortie/calico
4. silver tabby
5. tuxedo/black & white bicolors
& while i think the longhaired cats are beautiful, the maintenance is too much for me, so i prefer to own shorthairs.
if i could get any breed, & was limited to only one, i'd probably get a Japanese Bobtail, because i've always wanted one.
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