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Cat Injured?

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Alright so I just almost beat the out of the culligan man (water repair guy) cause I dont know what he did to my cat but she came running upstairs meowing and meowing and her backside was kind of slumped over. She was hiding for about a half hour and now she's come out from under the bed and seems to be walking fine now but is acting very very strange. She's like bright eyed and her ears are back. When I call for her she usually always answers back with a loud per type noise but now she's not doin nothin but lookin around with wide eyes. I can't exactly tell where she's injured or if she even is. Cause shes walking fine now with out a limp. But sill acting weird. What im wondering is if I should take her to the vet or not. Or what signs should I like for if she IS injured. Is she just acting weird now because she got so frieghtned or what.

Thanks for the help!
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What makes you think he did something to her?.
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Im not positive it was him but im pretty sure. Because whenever the front door opens she somes running to the door to try and sneak out. Well he knocked on the door I came downstairs to open it, I opened it and he was already walking back towards his truck to get the salt bags (They already know to just walk str8 downstairs to load the salt) so opened the front of the door but the screen door was till shut and she was just sitting their looking outside at the birds so I walked back up stairs and I heard him open the door up with the salt bags in hand then heard her scream and run right upstairs too me. Right away I walked downstairs and said :censor::censor::censor: did you do too my cat he got all shakey and said nothing I was about to beat his ass I don't care if it was an accident I hate people that don't pay attention to animals. He looked like the type of guy to do it on purpose too. So she ran upstairs and had a limp. My cat has never been injured before im kind of worried.
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It sounds like he may have kicked her out the way

Keep an eye on her, but if she starts limping again i would take her to the vet.

Poor thing sounds like she's been scared to death by it all as well
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