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Where's Bodlover?

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Has our Bod gone on holiday? She's been away for over a week and I was wondering if she's OK. Does anyone know? If you're there Bod, it's no use hiding. We've sussed you now!!!
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Like my Grandad used to say:

'She's run off with a black man'
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Hi Yola,

She has limited time on the Internet for awhile. I just got through emailing her, you can reach her there easily enough. She misses her board friends and says hello!
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So no black man then?
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Cool. Thanks Hissy.

BuNN - where you been too? I though YOU'D run off with Bod!!!
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Poor time on the internet???????
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I just had to post this reply coz it gets me up to the elusive 1000 posts!!!!!

But yes, poor Bod, spam-head extraordinaire, must be finding it really difficult not being able to indulge her most favouritest hobby of TCS chatting!
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I have rec'd the occasional e-mail from her so I do know she is alive and kicking!
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She had joined us on the Christmas road trip and was snuggled up in back with the kitties!
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I just got an email from her that said "I've had to "opt out" of TCS for a while due to a little uh, trouble with the "higher authorities" at work... hahaha, but I'll be back soon, so don't you dare forget me ok!?!?!?!?"

As if we could forget her!
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Yes, Bod got caught posting on work time, and her boss wasn't too happy. But she will be here as much as she can, she plans to try to be here more at home than she usually is. I hope so...things would not be the same without our Bodlover here!!!!
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Rhea will be spending the Holidays with her mom and dad, but I don't know how many days she has off. I think today was the last day before her vacation.
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I hope she doesn't miss out on the offer to paint the picture of one of her cats for the book!!!!! I sent her an e-mail, but if she is out of town, I am worried she won't see it in time!!!!!!!! I know she would want to be included in this!
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Originally posted by Debby
...things would not be the same without our Bodlover here!!!!
It really hasn't been quite the same around here lately. I hope everything is going ok for Rhea.
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She knows about it, and she is participating. She misses everyone too and will be back as soon as humanely possible.
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Rhea was visiting TCS from home, but now her computer is down. She's really going through withdrawal! (Wouldn't we all?) She hasn't approached the boss about getting her internet privileges back; she's waiting for him. It's best that she not push the issue. She has been studying interior design and has been putting it to good use since she is still working on the house. She and hubby have really worked hard on it! Her driving instructor might be scheduling the other half of her test very soon, so everyone in Leicester County better watch out! (Rhea, if you're reading this when your computer gets fixed, ---just kidding--honestly!)

Rhea is allowed to get e-mail, so those of you who have her address at work, write, by all means. She asked me to get in touch with another member from the UK, Amanda, whose online name was Animal Sanctuary. I can't find her in the membership, so I know I'm making a mistake. Amanda used to write to her at her house, and is probably wondering where she is! If anyone knows what her online name is, please let me know.

Bod keeps trying to get out, and the pups are walking Rhea and hubby several times a day. She really misses TCS, so cross your fingers that she gets her computer fixed and some internet time at work too!
Maybe Darth Bunn and his army will have to attack her workplace and insist that sooner is better! (Then he'd have something useful to do, and we'd win the battle!)
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Onward kitties to Rhea's workplace, we shall free the fair maiden and poke her boss with sticks of fur, MWAHAHAHAHA!

Moving by night the kitties will approach her workplace, upon dayligt we shall strike, no evil boss is safe for we are the Kitty Hordes!
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Now you're talking, Darth Bunn! We'll win you over to goodness and light now. You just needed a good cause. Now, isn't that better?
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*Laughing while trying to imagine BuNN with a army of kitties trailing behind him to attack Bodlover's boss*

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I e-mailed all your birthday wishes to Rhea, and she asked me to tell you this:

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 09:17:25 +0000
Awwww!!! Thanks so much for sending that to me Jeanie!!!!! That was so
sweet of you!!! Can you say a great big thankyou to everyone,and
let them all know I'm thinking of them and missing them all!!! Thanks soooo
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