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The doc tortured me... but it is helping yay!!! Update!

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So as some may know I have been having trouble with cysts by my ears and I have 2 keloids at the site of my tragus piercing. Well yesterday I went to the derm (with all my pics hehe) and she ended up sticking a needle in each of my keloids and injecting antiseptic (it burned and hurt like mother) then after that she injected a steroid/cortisone into each keloid in hopes that they will go down and eventually diminish... that also hurt like a mother and caused some nice bleeding. Well so far so good, they have gone down quite a bit (still scabby from the injections) but smaller. I also have to take antibiotics 3 times a day because I had an infection, and to avoid more cysts. (1500 mg of antibiotics a day). Im hoping this will do the trick. I have to go in again in 4 weeks to have another set of injections to the keloids and hopefully that will be the last time. Yay, they are fixing me and all my grossness

Some posts for those who arent aware of my ongoing gross issues:
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OUCH...I hope it heals quickly...What a pain to have to go through all this
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Thanks, it was not fun at all... Hopefully this works, she seemed amazed by those cyst pictures I brought in (the pics I posted in the threads), I told her to keep them on file. She hasnt really seen such a thing, she was a little ticked that my primary didnt culture and test my cyst when I went in to have it popped. Hopefully these antibiotics will take care of my infection and bacteria issue. Oh and I didnt have to take my piercing out!!!
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It's a good thing you don't have trouble with needles....but wait, isn't that what got you into this mess?!!?
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Indeed it did... LOL, I have no issues with needles... I have 12 piercings and 2 tattoos. Plus I have alot of health issues so Im being stuck all the time. I think Im going to chill on piercings for awhile, seems like a good plan
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Sorry for the torture thing, but I am glad that it seems to be helping!

Keep us posted!
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Thanks guys... I never thought I would be so excited to be all medicated and stuck by needles... my keloids have gone down alot sinc yesterday and I can actually sleep on that side of my ear again!
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Glad things are starting to look better!
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Bloody and scabby but better... Anything is better than what it was before!
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I'm glad to hear you are getting treatment and they are getting better.
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I'm glad they are healing though.
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Ahhhh!!! You are so much braver than I am. I would not be able to handle a needle going into the side of my head.
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Not just the side of my head but on the inside of my ear... Right where the tragus is... So she stuck a needle twice on the outer part of my tragus and then twice on the inner part of my tragus... Good times, let me tell you. I figure a day or two of pain is better than an unsightly mound of scar tissue that was itchy and causing pain and discomfort. Im used to needles, it wasnt fun but necessary. She stated "this cant hurt as bad as the inital piercing) but actually it did... Hmmmmm
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