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No love, just war!

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Okay, my cats have been together for almost 5 years and they still can't stand each other!
I don't see any alpha behavior or spraying or anything like that. They take turns kicking each others butts, but won't go near each other any other time. If Sunny gets to close to Molly she'll hiss and run away. When he attacks her(Molly) he tends to corner her. When she attacks him, he usually assumes a submissive position. She will really "throw her weight around" kicking his a**!
Any suggestions?? I've just come to accept that it will always be this way....then I found TCS....
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Oh my goodness I wish I could help. I've heard of something like this happening but never had to deal with it myself. Hopefully someone will get on here and help you!!!
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I have had both cats for a little over a year, one was already over a year when we found him and he came first. Then we got her as baby a few months later to be his friend and playmate. But ever since the beginning he has seemed annoyed with her and attacks her when she gets hyper. I've had enough of the scratches on their(mostly her) faces and necks. I'm thinking we might have to give one away, because they are actually hurting each other. I'm at a loss..... the vet told me some cats are just better off without other pets to compete with.
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I actually had to take Molly to the vet once to get stitches in her lower eyelid from a cut, back claw I'm guessing. The poor thing had to go back the next day because they were scratching her eye and get them redone!
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Awww.... sounds terrible. I hope mine don't get that bad. I think Thomas is kind of jealous of Lily, the one that is kind of my baby. I keep just trying to show Thomas more attention....? I would take him to a cat behaviorist, but I think it would be too expensive.
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