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please help

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i apologize if i have posted this is the wrong section.

my mum used to breed and show Birman cats and now has about 17 all between the ages of 4-13 she moved out of teh house leaving all the cats with me and my sister to look after and she said she would buy the food and pay for vet bills etc. the thing is shes really neglected the cats there is about 8 cats who are ill, one with a head tilt, the rest seem to be loosing weight coughing violently etc. i told my mum about this and she said they'll be fine but their getting worse every day and really are suffering i only have a part time job so cant get the cats to the vets myself. all the cats are also riddled with fleas it really is sad i want to ring the RSPCA on my mum but cant seem to bring myself to do it with it being my mum but i dont know if i have any other option i cant watch these cats suffer any more its to painful what do yous think i should do?
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I'd either bring one in to the vet if it has the same issues as the rest or seriously conside calling rspca...Hard but if they show up and cats are in your legal custody you woul be at fault..or at least until you got the matter sorted out legaly. If you could still afford food/litter maybe they can help you find a low cost medical care option..or some sort of barter on the care
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And welcome to TCS!
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thanks for your reply.... money is tight at the moment as i have 4 rabbits 2 of which have health problems so have regular trips to the vets. i will talk to my sister about maybe lending me some money to get 1 or 2 of the cats to teh vets since they all have the same problem although i will need to buy some frontline first to get rid of the fleas which will probably work out quite expensive but it needs done. i may talk to my mum about maybe rehoming a few of the cats. my mum has had dealings with the RSPCA in the past. 7 years ago the RSPCA took half of my mums cats away but my mum was never prosecuted or anything which meant she just built the number of cats up again.
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Give the cats protection a ring to see if they can take the cats from you to find good homes.

I really think the RSPCA should know about it as well though because what if she does this again?

The Blue Cross may help you as well with vet fees if your only working part time?
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i would deff call the RSPCA. these poor cats need help!!!

you aslo should be gettin your mom to pay for their vet care, or tell her you WILL ring the RSPCA on her. they shouldnt have to suffer!
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you might want to google advantage dog dose...I have 25 cats inside and a number outside...its widely done and safe as long as your careful..pretty cheap compared...but I think I would bring cat in first just cause I don't like defleaing any cat not in perfect condition. good luck with whatever you decide
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