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Cat Urine on Wood!!! Help!

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Hi - this forum has proven invaluable. When I returned from a 7 day trip last April. my cat had peed in three different sections of the house (which she had never done before - ever - even when we've been gone longer - she's indoor/outdoor). Many here suggested she might have an UTI - we took her vet - nope - she was fine but here's the thing - once we were back home - she never did it again - no problem. BUT - we left for 8 days - had the same loving person come to care for her and after four days with us gone - she peed on the table top again (not as bad or in the other places as before - but still) _ I think this proves that she has done this because she is upset/mad/sad that we have left her - but she never did this when we left before on trips (and we dont travel that much - sometimes maybe once a year). Of course it is not easy to get cat odor out of wood - but any advice or similiar experiences would be appreciated if shared. Thanks Fellow Cat Lovers!
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I have never really been through this before, so I am probably of no help to you whatsoever. I just wanted to offer my heart though,LOL, I understand how hard it is when a cat pees on stuff and you have to deal with it. I said I want to offer you my heart because you are not giving up, you are trying to take control of the matter. That right there proves to me you are a great pet owner! Keep up the good work.

As for the peeing when you left, the cat was lonely. He was mad and frustrated, YOU LEFT! I'm not saying that you shouldn't leave, because certainly you can- it's your life! But, the cat is just saying- HEY... you left me, and I'm sad I don't think you'll ever come home. Don't leave me... Hey, I'm going to pee on your table- how do you like that? I know this is not the smartest thing for the cat to do, but it was done.

If you've already went to the vet, and the cat is in good health then it is probably behavioral (as you probably already know).

I just want to wish you good luck, and hope you get this taken care of! Good luck!
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OK, so after posting my first response to you... I searched on the internet for a solution. Check out these links, maybe they can help you!

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