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is it possible...?

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is it possible to spend too much time with your cat? i'm on disability so mine is out and with me from the time i wake up to the time i go to bed, then she goes to her room for the night to be away from the nuisances..(err..dogs, i mean) and have some private time. she's about six or seven weeks now and i just let her get her kitten energy out and let her pass out where she likes (of course i've kittenproofed everything so she can do this and i always keep an eye on her wherabouts). every once in awhile she seems cranky or plays quite roughly. is she stressed because i have her out too much? should i make more intervals for her to have private time in her room? is it too stimulating or tiring to wander around this big house? or is she just going through a teenage phase...OR do i just have way too much time on my hands to worry? ive had many cats in the past but not a kitten for ages...please enlighten me with your opinions...i don't wanna mess up.
"Paranoid Meowmy",
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Hi, your kitten is rambunctious and sometimes 'cranky' because she's a kitten, imagining and reacting to all sorts of things (which we may not see) and I wouldn't worry a lot about any particular way she expresses herself now. She's really very young and without littermates to play off, is inventing her own little world. I do think it's great that she has you to pay so much attention, though do be careful as she gets older that you're not spoiling her - making her totally dependent on you for everything including attention, or you'll end up with a monster.
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