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Cats and dogs

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I was just wondering if this is a normal thing or not. My youngest cat and my puppy love each other. They play and sleep together and they hate being apart. Today they both were laying on the couch side by side and the puppy had his paw around the cat and the catwas giving him a bath. I have 2 other cats and one tolerates the puppy and my oldest cat HATES dogs. I thought cats and dogs were suppose to fight. I am just wondering if Nala (my cat) and Nibbler (my puppy) are normal.
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Well even if its not normal, its cool right? Youd rather they love eachother than hate eachother id hope. Ive heard on many occassion a cat and a dog becomming best friends, so its nothing to worry about.
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My Stumpy absolutely LOVES dogs. He grew up with 5 dogs and as we lost all of them to various diseases, he got more and more depressed. When the last one died, he stayed in a deep funk for a year until we adopted our current 2 dogs. Stumpy sleeps with Sam every chance he gets.

I think it is very normal and quite entertaining!
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I think the younger you introduce a cat and dog (ie kitten and puppy) the more likely they will be friends. A lot also depends on their personalities. I think it's perfectly normal, and sooo sweet!
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They are cute I think my hubby is tired of me showing him of pics of the two of them together. My older cat was attacked by a dog when she was very small. I'm not complaining I just wondered if it was normal.
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Well if you have pics of those two cuddle babys please post them. I bet they are adorable
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I think it's normal. my hound Buster and Miagi grew up together and he is fabalous with Miagi and Tiger. but usually it's not normal for a hound to love cats but thank God Buster LOVES our cats and they both love our other dogs. and yes, please post pics of them.
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My kitty Chase grooms my dog Perky all the time. It's so cute. They don't cuddle though, I'm missing out on extra cuteness apparently!

Perky gets SO excited when she sees a cat, in general. I'm not quite sure what she would do with one running away from her, with her high prey drive.. that always makes me nervous.. but I'll confidently let her prance up to any that don't mind her. She'll wag her tail and happily say hello and move on.
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