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How much $ for neuter?

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My young maine coon is 4 months old now, plan to neuter at 6 months if thats right (is it?). How much should I expect to pay, how is recovery for the cat, are my main concerns right now.

Does neutering have any known effect on the adult size of a cat? Ive head that inact males get larger and more muscular. First in mind is the health of my cat. Secondly, the smell of my place. I would put off neutering if it meant that he would grow up bigger (he comes from large parents and is BIG for a 4 month old), but I'd probably get evicted if my place smelled like a spraying cat. Insight on this? Thanks.
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I'm afraid I don't know prices for the US, but I have just had Bruce neutered (at 5 months) in the UK and it was £35.

He bounced back to full health immediately - ran around like normal as soon as I got him home. He licked the affected area quite a lot at first, but otherwise had no problems. He had a vet check two days after the op.

Many people on this site will advocate early neutering - it can be done as early as 8-12 weeks, and at four months it is definitely possible. However, in the UK we tend to neuter at 6 months (we're a bit old-fashioned!) and I had to try hard to find somewhere that would neuter at 5 months.

My Bruce is a Maine Coon too, and the breeder suggested waiting until 6-7 months before neutering if we wanted to maximise his growth potential - I think it's mainly the head that broadens more in an intact male than a neutered one? However, by that age you are taking a risk that he will start spraying. Bruce is now 6 months old and is still growing fast, so I don't think it makes much difference.

Hopefully some others will give their opinions.
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I had my moggie neutered when he was six months old because my vet doesn't do pediatric spays or neuters. That was almost four years ago and it was $140.00. I paid an extra $55.00 for the pre-surgical bloodwork which I don't think is absolutely necessary for a heathy young cat. I picked him up that afternoon. He was still a little groggy and slept a lot. The next morning when I got up he was back to normal. As far as size I think the only thing that is affected is that a neutered cat doesn't develop the facial jowls that a whole cat develops. There are low cost spay neuter programs in this area and I think they are fairly common in a lot of areas. I took him to the same vet that I had been taking him to since I got him as a small kitten.
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If your vet will do it now, you can have him done at 4 months old instead of waiting. If he matures (mentally) early, he could start spraying; so get him done now rather then later.

Its doesn't really affect growth, except for the males will not get as big of a head (wide) as unaltered males. Sometimes they can get bigger if altered young.

Where did you get your MC? Most breeders will have them neutered/spayed before you adopt. As far as prices it should be around $50 for males. Charlie was done by the breeder, so price was included.
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My vet charges $40 for a neuter. I would not wait because if he starts to spray there is a possibility he won't stop spraying after getting neutered.
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My RagDoll was neutered prior too me purchasing her. Was stated in the contract, which of course I totally agree with and it also meant I did not have to do it myself. I know she will still grow into a beautiful kitty
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My vet charges $60-80 for a neuter, and he bases it on the size/age of the cat (younger/smaller cats are less).
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Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
My vet charges $40 for a neuter. I would not wait because if he starts to spray there is a possibility he won't stop spraying after getting neutered.
Wow! I need to come to your vet!!

When we got Harley neutered at 6months it ended up to be about $100 - neuter, updated shots, ect. - and the same for Davidson!

As far as your cat not growing big & muscular if you get him neutered too early- I think thats false. Harley was fixed @ 6 months, and he's currently a 20lb muscular cat. I think it all depends on the genetics of your cat, not on how early you neuter them.

I definately think you should get him neutered as soon as you can, because they can start spraying at anytime (when they develop) and its NOT a pleasant smell!
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We got a packeage thing so I'm not sure how much it was.... I would say around $80
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I would suggest calling a fair amount of places near you to get prices. I called around and found places that charge over a hundred dollars for a neuter, and ones that charged only $25! I did the same for vaccinations. (some places were charging 3 times as much as others for vaccinations!)
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wow, i am suprised at how little it all costs!

here it cost me 200$
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Here it is $195 at my vet I've been using for years...but with taking in multiple cats at a time, I've had to find cheaper ways to do it. So another vet 15 minutes away is about $120.
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you might want to check with your local humane society or animal shelter. Quite a few of ours in Washington State have low cost clinics on saturdays. The one we're going to take tsar to does shots for 10-15, neuter for 25, spay for 35 and microchip for 15. they do a first come first serve so I imagine there is a wait. But its worth saving quite a few hundred dollars.
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Some shelters put on low cost clinics, some also have a plan where you volunteer so many hours for a "free" neuter for your cat. The prices really range around here, I would call around.
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The vet I use charges $65 for a neuter. Pre-op bloodwork is optional, for an extra $40-45 I believe.

I don't think neutering has any effect on their size as adults. Sure, there are some physical features that a tom cat has but for overall size, I think it has no effect. I wouldn't risk putting it off myself.
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Originally Posted by followedbydolls View Post
wow, i am suprised at how little it all costs!

here it cost me 200$

We had our guys neutered, one in Baltimore, MD and one in New Rochelle, NY...both were around $250 each for labwork, anesthesia, surgery, pain meds!
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