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Question about kneading

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I'm a recent, first-time cat owner. He's 3 years-old and I'm curious about one of his habits. When I go to bed, he tends to knead my legs with his paws. I've had him for about two months now and he does it amost every night. Does anyone know what this means? I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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It can mean a few different things:

1) you make him feel totally comfortable and relaxed so he kneads you or near you like a kitten kneads the mother's nipples for milk.

2) he may have been seperated from mom too early.

3) It also is a way of marking their scent.

It probably means a combination of all of the above, most likely #1 more then anything. Most cats do this, it is a good thing and completely normal
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Oliver's 5 years old and still kneads when he's content... usually when he's getting a good scritchin on the neck or behind the ears.... some people call it "makin' biscuits" hehe I think it's cute and a sign that he trusts me enough to be quite relaxed
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My oldest cat does this at bed time (she really gets going when she is feeling sappy ). All of our cats do this, and usually it's when they are relaxed and happy .
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One of my cats kneads with all four legs as much as 10 times a day! It's cute, within reason. I have to walk and sit with a pillow on my lap to discourage him, or he'd be on me all day!
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I always take it as a sign that they are happy with you and love you. Stanley does this nearly every morning from the top of my pillow...that's right, he's kneading my head. If I didn't love him so much I might get annoyed at the spiny head massage first thing in the morning
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