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How much food?

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I'm trying to get both my kitties' weight down. I am now feeding them both wet and dry, but not mixed together. I was feeding them both separately because Possum needed to be given liquid medicine and now he's off of it. I had to also give Loki wet food the same way because he seems to really like wet food, and would probably try to eat Possum's.

I was free-feeding them dry food, but they seem to enjoy that a little too much, so the vet suggested to wean them off that. Right now I am putting 2/3 in their bowl at breakfast and dinner (they share a bowl).

If I am feeding both wet and dry (but it doesn't have to be for both breakfast and dinner), how much should I give for each per day, generally?

Loki is probably several pounds overweight, and originally I wanted to get Possum's weight up (I was TOO sucessful!), but he could probably lose 2.5-3 pounds since he's a small cat. Loki's a regular sized adult tabby.

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I was able to help Peaches lose weight. When she came here, she couldn't reach her butt to clean herself. I feed canned food only; meals only. I don't free feed anyone. I give each cat 1/2 5.5 or 6 oz can in the morning and the other half at night. I take away the food after half to 1 hour. It's usually gone. Whatever is left, I put in the fridge and add it to the evening meal after putting it in the microwave for 5 seconds to take the chill off.

It takes time to help them slim down. All my cats are now the right weights.

Good luck to you and thanks for helping them.
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Canned food is the better for wt loss ....
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I agree, all wet is the best way to go. The "right" amount varies a lot depending on the type/brand/quality of food, kitty's activity level, current weight, optimum weight, age, climate, etc.

On average, my cats eat the same amount that mcat's do. I'm strict w/Paisley's portions because she needs to lose a couple of pounds...but if Pixel leaves a few bites, I let Leopold and Pumpkin split it. Allotting each cat about 1 can a day works well for us. They eat Wellness, Natural Balance, By Nature, and Avoderm mostly. They don't eat any dry.
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