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I'm speechless about this....

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This is the most bizzare hit and run I've ever heard of:

More details:

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That is really odd. I remeber a story just like the one you posted several years ago. Everything was exactly the same. Just wow. And that right there is why people should never drink and drive.

I hope the woman pulls through. And that poor guy. Terrible just terrible.
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There was a case like this, in Texas, a few years ago. A woman drove home, with the victim lodged in her windshield, pulled into the garage and LEFT him there to die. Later, she had her boyfriend help her dispose of the body.
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there's also an urban legend very similar to this...
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
there's also an urban legend very similar to this...
The March 2002 case, in Ft. Worth is the one that I rememebered.
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That sounds like an exact episode from one of the CSI shows.

The guy hit someone, drove to his house and parked in the garage and went in the house leaving the guy lodged in his wind shield. The guy wasn't dead, but dying, and he managed to make a 911 call but died after saying "help me!" They somehow traced to call and found the guy dead in the wind shield.

Turns out the driver went into the house to sober up before he planned on calling the police.
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Now, everybody knows here that I am often likely to defend perpetrators by trying to `understand' them but not in this case. I cannot believe that someone who knew that they'd hit someone, rang their sister five minutes later and told her, and hid the body, did not know the difference between right and wrong, or was incapable of making the decision to call the police.

That is not a case of mental illness taking over or anything else. That is a case of pure `jeez I hope I don't get caught'. Guilty, guilty, guilty. Unbelieveable.

Oh, and what's going on with the dopey sister? If my brother were mentally unstable and said something like that to me, you can be darn sure I would be asking questions to find out whether there was any truth to it or not.
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I did some research just now.

The CSI episode was in season 2 and titled "Anatomy of a Lye"

However, apparently that episode was based on the following story:

And it was also used in Season 14 episode of Law and Order, called "Darwinian":;ep_title;10

Odd that this same type of bizzar accident happened again!!!
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Yeah, he knew what he did. He'll have a hard time getting out of this one! Don't feel bad for him either....

It's not a hoax, he is a neighbor to one of my mom's best friends. She said he was quiet and kept to himself. They were all asked if they saw anything odd that night. No one did. It's normally a quiet/ family neighborhood. My mom lived in that area for awhile too until she bought the house she lives in now.
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Don't even get me started on drunk drivers

There is no excuse for this.
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That is insane! I used to live in the Fox Cities area.... the worse thing we had happen while I was there was the man who handcuffed himself nekkid (hehehe) to a stairwell or something in the mall.

My mom was in Memphis, and she heard about it before I did!! LOL
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There was a small follow up article in tonite's Appleton paper that the 50 yr old man who went though the windshield died upon impact. We have had our share of terrible drunk driving accidents recently.
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