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Food suggestion?

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My cat is about 5 years old. She's pretty big, with a big build and some extra weight. She doesnt really like to play, she's a huge cuddler. I usually feed her whatever is on sale, she's not real picky. But I want to find a good food that maybe would help loose and maintain good weight. Any suggestions?

Also, what litter do you use? I'm getting tired of Tidy Cats, its just not workin'

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If you feed her meals of a good quality canned food and stop free feeding dry food, she will probably slim down nicely. My 4 eat Wellness, Natural Balance, Merrick and PetGuard. Get foods with good quality ingredients and no grain. Cats need to eat primarily meat.

I wish you luck with your kitty's weight. See if you can get her to chase a feather on a string. My lazy cats will do that.
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What are you feeding?? Premium foods are more digested but some of the "best" have double the calories of grocery

Do you know how much a day is being eaten???

Does the VET SAY she needs to loose??? If this question is no or I dont know DONT attempt to diet the cat ... Untill you have the answer and the vet and you work out a plan
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I have a fat cat too. We're working it. I've switched from all dry (gradually) to all wet and only 1/2 can in morning and 1/2 can at night. Don't leave food out all day for her no matter how much she tells you she's starving. She's not. No more treats. Get a feather toy as previously mentioned and also laser pointers work well too.

I was told by Sharky that feeding just wet food will help her slim down quicker, so that's what I'm trying. Sharky always has great advice about food and has been very informative.

BUT, I do suggest talking with your vet first before you decide to put her on a diet. Good luck and keep us posted! (And post some pictures, too!)
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For weight loss/management...another vote here for an all "wet" diet of quality low/no grain food.

Litter...hmmm I recently switched from Tidy Cats to the Sam's Club store brand (Litter Clean). I like this litter better. It clumps well and doesn't track all over the house. If you're talking about a poo-smell issue, I would say that has more to do with the food they eat than the litter. Smelly poo still stinks even buried in the "best" litter.
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One more vote for a quality canned food diet to help with weight loss. My overweight boys are doing well on Wellness and Natural Balance grain free foods. They eat three meals a day, no free feeding and no snacks.

Yes, the vet agreed they were overweight. The vet's suggestion for food- Science Diet Lite. I actually used that for a long time because I was ignorant about cat nutrition and thought the vet knew what he was talking about. The cats gained weight or did not lose on Science Diet. The vet's suggestion- reduce portions. I finally got smart and educated myself about the appropriate diet for a cat. They've been on the all canned diet since December 2006 and are losing weight gradually. Tiggy and Fluffy are at a good weight. Kolohe needs to lose one more pound to get back to the good weight he was at before he started gaining.

My experience with the vet does not mean that you should not talk to your vet about your kitty's weight. Good luck to you and your kitty.

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