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Mama cat ignoring new babies - Please Help!

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Hi everyone,
Back again :-(
I posted yesterday how at midnight last night Mama cat moved her babies to another room.
We put her liter box in the room as well as her food and water and shut the door.
Unfortunately every time I check in on her - she is not with the kittens (she does not see me come into the room). If I place her with the kittens, she will sit for a few moments, allow them to nurse, maybe lick one or two and then get out of the box again and ignore them. I have been careful not to handle the kittens for the past 24 hours.
I have attempted leaving her alone now for 24 hours - but I fear she has decided to reject the babies.
The only solution I could come up with is this. Please HELP and tell me if I have made the wrong choice! I don't want to put the mother or the babies at risk!
We have a very large dog cage (meant for a 75 pound dog). I put her liter box in the cage, her food and water, and the nesting box. There is no room for her to be except with the kittens in the nesting box. I figure it kind of forces her hand a little bit.
Have I done the right thing? I can NOT stand the thought of those kittens slowly starving to death! My schedule is entirely too busy to be able to consistently feed them at 2 hour intervals. I could do that through the night and some days - but not all the time.
HELP please! Please give me any advice! Have I done the right thing??
Thanks so much!
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It may not make any difference putting them in a confined space together. As I have read on similar threads recently, it seems that once a mother chooses to reject its babies, thats it. The kittens may have health issues.

Other people will give you more advice/info soon. Please be patient.
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yes you did the right thing by confining her with the kittens. some mums just dont get it straight away and need a push in the right direction. if she does fully reject them and you dont have the time to hand feed is there anyone else who may be able to help?
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I think we're okay. Last night when I put her in the cage, she chose to sit in the litter box. That really distressed me because she is a super neat freak of a cat and I thought if she was sitting in the litter box instead of with the kittens, we are definatly in trouble.
However, this morning upon waking, she was in the box with the kittens and they were nursing. I THINK - at least for the moment - that she has chosen not to neglect them. Do you agree??
Who knows though, with this cat - I may think differently by this evening!
Anyway, after this experience, this stray (we took her in) will definatly be getting fixed! I plan on keeping her in the house, but with kids running in and out all the time, there are no guarentees. Besides the fact that there are cats running around the neighborhood all the time anyway - who knows what she could pick up from them!
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