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Got some crazy guy calling me and I really just don't

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understand some people this guy I know likes me and he is okay but he drives me nuts. Because he does not believe in spaying and neutering and he will not give anyone a reason why he doesn't believe in it. He just blows up and says I don't believe in animal cruelty. And he is mad cause I can't be with someone who feels this way. And what irritates me the most is he can't give me a valid reason of why he believes this way. He sent me a letter on rose paper, that fancy paper with roses all over the margins, and the only thing he seemed to want to talk about was how he wouldn't use me and I told him to back off and now he is acting like a psycho calling me all hours and when I don't call him back he leaves messages on my cell and I have told him not to text me cause it eats my minutes up. And he keeps telling me he wants to marry me and I told him I really don't want anyone right now and he is driving me nuts. I have taken to turning my ringer off because he harrasses me so much. I can't even get sleep because of him. I work nights and sleep in the day and he has a habit of calling me about 10 or 11 in the am and asking me what I am doing. and its driving me nuts. And right now he is texting me again. How do you get a crazy idiot to leave you alone.
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Tell him that you don't want to be with anyone who doesn't believe in spay/neuter! hahahaha!! Good luck! I've had those psychos around me before!!
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Eww gross, that guy IS creepy lol. Next time he calls you should threaten to call the police if he calls you again, thats what I would do.
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OK, really, if you want him to stop, you have to ignore him. It is the only way. Stop texting him back, if you do, don't answer the phone, don't return calls, etc. Eventually he will get bored and stop. Right now it sounds like he is getting attention from you, and he knows it. Even if it is negative attention. To him, just drop off the face of the earth... but stay on here with us!!!
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I would change my home number even if its rather inconvenient. Cellphones can block programmed numbers from calling, so you might want to do that.
As previously mentioned, just ignore him and he'll go away.

Sounds like a real fruit loop
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<--- That is hilarious!!
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Ignoring him is almost certainly the right thing to do -- but if he's a seriously disturbed person, it could actually push him to violence.

Before you do anything else, I think you should go to the nearest police station and ask to talk to a detective. Explain the situation and ask whether they have any background on this guy, whether he has a record or is known to be dangerous... because that should bear on how you choose to handle him.

Whether they know anything about the man or not, the police can help you decide how to handle this... and if it becomes necessary, they can speak to him for you.

This is scary stuff... I'm sorry you're having to deal with it.
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My first thought would be to contact the police. I would also keep a journal to document the dates and times and method of contacting you.
See what they polic recommend.

The dude sounds like a wacko.
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Oh my god , CHANGE YOUR NUMBER!!!!

...and tell him you're a lesbian. (if he has problems with spaying/neutering animals, you can assume he has a big problem with homosexuality...this will get him away!)

I've dealt with some crazies before, you need to shake them off before the situation becomes dangerous.
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Oh hon, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I definitely recommend contacting the police and filing an harrassment report. That way if it does esculates (hopefully it doesn't!), you have something already in the system.. Explain exactly what is happening. Put a block on his number on your cell phone and don't answer any calls from him. Does he know where you live? If so, do you have neighbors that can watch your house and make sure he isn't stalking you? I'm not trying to scare you, but it is a possiblity. It sounds like he isn't reasonable at this point. Good luck hon, and keep safe.
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I don't have any new advice; but I'll add that I think filing a harassment report and seeking advice from the police is a good idea. I'm praying for your safety and that this situation resolves itself peacefully.
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save any messages of texts he sends, to show to the police. & be advised - even if the ignoring works, it'll get worse before it gets better. 'planned ignoring' is a method taught to teachers to eliminate problem behaviors. we are advised that the behavior always escalates before diminishing.
after saving the information & showing the police, i'd change my number. you can probably do this for free if you have evidence to show the phone company that it's because of harrassment from a stalker.
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I agree with CarolPetunia..document and ask the police for what they suggest. This is far from normal behavior...there is no respect here for your "no", for your boundaries, for your privacy.
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Thanks everyone I have already started ignoring him so maybe he will go away quietly. If not then I am going to file a police report. What scares me is he knows where I live and where I work because we live in such a small area its not really hard to decide which nursing home I work at. But I told my bosses that if anyone besides who is not my family calls for me to not accept the calls. He has been chasing me for a bit now and its driving me crazy he keeps asking me when am I going to marry him and he sent me a letter talking about me having his kids. But I do feel better that I don't live by myself and that I have three large dogs and two small yappy dogs those come in handy at times. And he doesn't know that I have guns or where they are kept at which is good because all of my shotguns are loaded. If nothing else I will ask my brother to come stay here for a day or so.
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Keep the letters as proof!
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Do you have a large, mean looking male friend or relative you could show off as your new boyfriend? A pic of him looking particularly mean looking on your desk might scare this nut job away.
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Tell him that if he doesn't leave you alone then you will neuter him!

Seriously. Tell him to stop contacting you or you will file a report with the police.
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