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I just got Mcat's book!

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I ordered Mcats book of cat sonnets, one of me and one for MIL. We just got them earlier this week, and absolutely love it! The poems celebrate every aspect of cats. With her permission, here is one of my favorites:

My Best Help

I need not watch my sentences with you;
I need not make sure all my words are right.
You listen to me as I muddle through
and lick my nose if I am not polite.

I tell you secrets you will never share,
and you don't criticize my family.
When I'm upset, I know that you are there;
your soaked fur holds the tears that I set free.

When we lie down together in my bed,
you're heavy on my chest beneath my chin;
I hold you in my arms and kiss your head;
your purr grows louder and set free my grin.

My whispered breathing makes you twitch your ear;
you sigh and turn your head, but you stay near.

There are so many good poems in here. Mcat, you did a great job and what a wonderful talent you have! I just wanted to share it with everyone.
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Who is Mcat?
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She's a member on TCS
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
She's a member on TCS
Do you mean Jcat?

I am confuzzled..
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OMG, I am losing it

Sorry...I will slink out of this thread now...
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That sonnet is really beautiful!!
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that's really wonderful, and the iambic pentameter is perfect.
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Here I am, Mcat. Thank you so much for you sweet words about Cat-House Sonnets, 100 poems celebrating cats. The poem you posted is about my soulmate, Rainbow Angel Divot, who now lives in my heart forever.

If anyone is interested in checking out the book, you can look at my publisher's site: http://www.jorlanpublishing.com/Cat-HouseSonnets.htm

You can see reviews and the awards it has won. I'd be happy to autograph a copy for anyone who'd like one, just email me.

Again, thanks for the kind comments. And thank you for the gift, calico2222
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