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After spay behavior

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I recently had my 6 month old cat spayed (DSH, Torbie). I had her for 2 weeks before this, as I had adopted her from the SPCA. Her behavior before the spay, once she settled in here, was very active (abit hyper and wiggly), playful, stand offish. Now she is more affectionate and relaxed. Could this be a result of the spay? I should mention she went into heat about 10-12 days after I brought her home; could this also be a factor? Any input would be great.
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Tkt; Welcome to the Cat Site. So glad you are with us. Your female will settle down and become more relaxed after spaying. This is a good thing unless she gets too lethargic. She will also become more affectionate the more she gets used to you and any other members of the family. She is still quite the kitten (age wise) and I am sure will still be very playful. What did you say her name is? She is very fortunate to have been rescued from a shelter. Thank you for caring. Is she your only cat (so far). You see, most of us here believe that if you can afford it, and circumstances allow, one good cat deserves another. . . . .
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I must say my baby girl remained a fierce (but sweet!) active cat after spaying. She was spayed at the age of 5 months and even today at 2 years, she's still as tempramental and spicy as she used to be. By the way, she's also a torbie - my favorite color/pattern!
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Most female cats I have come into contact that had gone through a heat cycle or more, after spaying calm down a bit. Usually the hormones cause some of the behavior. Once they are spayed it is a change for them. I have always spayed and neutered my housecats. Most of the change I see happens right after they turn a year old.
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We currently have 3 spayed females. One we had spayed very young, right after we got her, so I really don't know if her behavior changed much. The other two, were older cats (about 1 year old), sisters, and they both took completely opposite turns after spaying. To begin with, they both were fairly active... played with each other mostly. After spaying, one got much more active and hyper - she actually chases our dogs or tries to get them to chase her. The other turned into a big blob of "I don't want to do anything, and ya can't make me"! They definitely seem to go through a change after spaying.
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