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Am I the only one...

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who gets stressed out at the slightest change in routine? I have a daily "schedule"... I don't work, but pretty much have the same or similar routine every day during the week and weekends are all pretty similar. I'm ok if John wants to plan a trip or something, as long as I have a few days notice.
But I'm completely stressing out about tomorrow through the rest of the weekend. John's mom is staying home from work tomorrow and Friday and for some reason I'm dreading it, I guess because it means she'll have work for me to do and it'll change my routine. And then Friday she wants to use bug bombs again... so I'll have to be out of the house from around 8 a.m. until late in the evening. I love my weekdays, to get stuff done while John is at work. I actually don't like weekends at all, and look forward to Tuesday-Friday... but this week I don't get my Thursday and Friday. My stomach is upset and I'm just literally dreading the rest of this week/weekend. Does anyone else get stressed out about small changes or am I just a weirdo?
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I am not good with changes in my routine either. I stress alot about little things.
I have OCD though and that's why I get so upset when things are not the way I left them when I was at work the day before, or if I had the day off and I go back to work and things aren't done to my specifics. Things of that nature.
I can let things go for a little while but they tend to grate on my nerves and lately my coworkers have seen this more and more. I am very anal about what goes where and how. I feel like a mother to 10 children and it drives me nuts.
Then I come home to my orderly house! (ahhhhhhh........ ) I can still find things to clean or rearrange at my house though. Even if I just got done cleaning it. Ah the blessings of being OCD.

Hope your days pass stress free.. If not, hope they pass quickly.
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