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Lady Bird Johnson....

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.....has died, at the age of 94.
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Oh how sad. But that's a good time to live on this earth too!
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She really kept LBJ going when he was down. She forced him to go bowling in the White House basement to get away from work.

What a woman.
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Wow 94, she has seen so much more than her husband did. May she RIP Now they are together again
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
May she RIP Now they are together again[/font]
OOOOOOO You gave me a chill down my spine!!!

Bless her heart, what a remarkable woman!!
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I loved Lady Bird... especially because of the huge impact she had on environmental issues. Here in Texas, she started an anti-littering campaign that made people really think about what they were doing, and completely changed the face of the state.

When I was 21, I was working at KTBC TV in Austin, which was located in a building owned by the Johnsons. (They had owned the station, too, but had to sell it when the law changed and they could no longer own both a cable company and a TV station.) LBJ had died a few years earlier, but when Lady Bird was in town, she still lived in a penthouse on top of the building, and of course, she had Secret Service protection -- two agents at all times.

One day I came back from lunch in a big hurry, slipped behind a crowd of people to step onto the elevator, and hit the button for my floor. Then I realized no other buttons had been hit, so I turned to ask the other person in the elevator what floor she needed -- and it was Lady Bird! Somehow, I had slipped past the Secret Service and gotten in there alone with the former First Lady of the United States!

She was holding a shopping bag from Frost Bros. (where I had, coincidentally, worked briefly before starting at KTBC). I apologized for intruding, and she said, "That's okay, hon." I got off on four, and I guess she rode back down to the lobby to pick up her escorts.

I later heard that some Secret Service heads rolled for that. If I could do it, so could some homicidal nutjob!

Anyway, I'm glad she had such a good long life, and I hope heaven is bursting with wildflowers for her.
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