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We have our own personal Sauna!

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Just open the door and step into the luxurious overwhelming heat, complete with a host of gnats and biting flies to make your sweat drenched experience more enjoyable.

Just washed the cars and I can probably wring my shirt out and fill up the bucket again.

The heat and humidity is unreal here lately. Anyone else enjoying nature's Sauna?
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Oh yeah! Monday when I got home from running errands I took one look in the mirror and realized my mascara had sweated right off! I had big black racoon circles under my eyes! And I ran several errands so who knows how long I'd been walking around like that too!

DH sure has been too! He's going through about 8-10 bottles of water during the work day. Then he drinks more at home of course! He said his shirt has been soaked before he's left the building in the morning at work too. Right now he's home on his 'lunch' and he's pretty stinky and sticky!
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Enjoy? HAHA Your funny!

Don't forget to bring a towel!
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Its in the 90s here but not that bad last week we had the triple digits, we sent it your way Its was really dry to I hate that, but I hate to sweat to so I don't like all the humidity
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Oh yuck! I feel ya hon, it's been hot here as well lately.
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YES, i'm constantly showering, checking all the babies, and enjoying my heat rash :-(
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I've never been more thankful to live in the desert.
The heat is ugly, but at least the air has no weight.
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It was so hot and humid today I had to shorten my running distance because the possibility of reaching my car was slim if I started to get sick. So I ran a mile and a half and walked the other half back. Even that was an effort. Not NICE weather.
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AACCKKK!!! I hate summertime! NC is one big, nasty sauna. It was already over 100 degrees when I went to work yesterday morning. I miss my house with the pool.
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It was awful the past few days- but yesterday & today are cooler with highs in the upper to lower 70s.. so nice! We even turned off our AC last night & enjoyed the cool breeze coming in off the lake
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Uh huh, it has been horrid here too, but today isn't too bad
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Try being locked on a public transit bus (like a tin can)during rush hour. Boy is that fun...not.

I am always dripping when I get home!
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I know what you mean. At these times I wonder why our ancestors ever left the sea. It's amazing some people pay to sweat!
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LOL! I feel your pain, living in NC too!

It has been pretty hot and humid here!
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