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Kitten-Proofing my Home

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So I'm about to get a kitten and would like some tips. I have a 1 year old cat who is pretty agile and not really a trouble maker as far as my home goes. (She does chew on chords and tape and scratch things but those can be avoided pretty easily). But, now that we are will have a kitten, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good article on this subject or had some really great tricks. Personal experience stories are good too. The only experience I have had with kittens in the home is one of my friends who got a Devon REx kitten who would knock paintings off the wall and cause all other kinds of mayhem! I don't really want to go to the extreme level of having nothing on the shelves or walls, but do want to make my home a safe environment for the kitten as well as a low rate of annoyance with the humanes.
So any advice is great.
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Saedie likes to knock plants over, attack the bird cage, eat my food, climb in the dish-washer, chew on cords, attack my older cat, claw the couches, and the list goes on and on.

Just keep an eye on her. If she likes to go places you don't want her to or do things shes shouldn't, get a waterbottle and spray her everytime she does it. Eventually she will learn. Just remember to be persistant.

Train her to a scratching post to prevent her from scratching your furniture. Also kittens like to bite when they play, so even though at first it is so cute and doesn't hurt at all when they bite you.. remember it will hurt a few months later. Don't let her bite you and buy toys that have a long string.
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The worst problem I have with my kittens is that they're always climbing on SOMETHING, whether they should be or not. I can't have anything on the computer desk because it gets knocked off. They like to get up on the bookshelf and lay on top of the books... so far not much has been knocked off but they still try!
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