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Poor, sad, warm little kitty

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Abby is just laying around like a sad, miserable little lump today. I think it is supposed to be less hot and humid tomorrow.

Anyone else have pictures of your cats trying to beat the heat?
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Aww, poor Abby!! Not dealing with the heat well?

Ship her to me, its the upper 60s here today & beautiful!
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I'll have something tomorrow or Friday. It's supposed to be 100 here!!!!!
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I swear these last few days my cats have spent the entire day in one spot. They only move for food.
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Awwww poor Abby

Heres's Rosie to keep you company. It was over 85 degrees in the conservatory tonight

Mum, put some ice in our water please!!
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Rosie always has something to say, doesn't she?
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awww.............well my lot just disappear under trees and thick bushes........most hot days I only see them at feed times
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Awwwwww look poor Abby ...... maybe someone could fan her

OMG Rosie
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Awww Poor hot kitties
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Poor Abby.....ship her to me. I've got the A/C on high. It's horrible here.
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A/C is on 65 here, Momma likes it COLD Poor Abby...and Rosie
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My girls are spoiled....they just look outside from the air conditioned house. They both said they would like Abby to come visit so she can cool off!
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One of the great things about living in an area that gets hot is that almost everything has air conditioning.
Dexter and Sadie are sending a slightly welted Abby some crisp, cool air. crack me up.
Stay cool sweetie pies.
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I keep it on air saver at my house... so as soon as it gets above 73 the ac kicks on.... and I've been freezing plastic cups of water & putting giant ice cubes in their bowl to give them a cool drink in the after noon...

Karen, put some air on for that sweet girl!!!!
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Yep Miniman likes the big tub in the master bath

And Dunkin likes the sink

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Poor girl

Beautiful picture of her though!
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