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Cats Hate Grooming

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Every once in a while I can get away with brushing Molly for a while, until her Torti attitude kicks in! Sunny, however, doesn't like to be combed at all, I have to chase him around!
Has anyone else had this problem?? Is there a better brush/comb that may make grooming easier??
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What kind of brush are you using?? Our short haired cat is not a fan of the metal pronged one at all. Our medium haired cat on the other hand doesn't mind it at all. One thing I would suggest is the hair mit. It's the rubber glove that collects cat hair. I bet your cats wouldn't be so agains that? Also I would try giving them treats after you brush them. Our cats will let us do about anything if they know they will get a treat afterwards.
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Same with mine and the metal pronged undercoat comb. I've tried the mit, it scares them!
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I have the same problem with Blossom, even though I tried to brush her from a babe of 4 weeks old. She absolutely hates it. I can't get in any more than a couple of strokes & she starts clawing & dashes away. When she did get a couple of matts in her breeches I had to cut them out.
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What is this "furbinator" thing I keep hearing about? Is it gentler than the normal metal prong undercoat comb? Is it worth the $$??
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I have a metal comb, a zoom groom and a furminator.

Riley hates them all. I can get a couple of swipes in, then he starts attacking the brush, my hand, anything that moves. I've tried giving him treats even during the brushing. He eats the treats then attacks.

Not sure what to do
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Emily hates getting brushed too. What helps is petting or scratching her head and chin with one hand continuously while brushing her with your other hand. So that might be worth a try? She lets my husband do this longer than me.
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I use the Furminator and our girls like it. To me, the Furminator was definitely worth the money.
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Sometimes you just have to have very short, frequent grooming sessions. Some cats just don't like being combed or brushed. It's still possible to get the job done.... you just have to be more patient and do it more often.
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Right, patience with the most impatient animals I know....I'll work on that!
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None of my cats seem too mind bein brushed. I tryed to get them used too it when they are young, or maybe try when they are eating their favorite treat !
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