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I've just cleaned up cat puke. Not here to rant about that. Just worried about it.

My new cat Esper just recently puked. She did it a couple of days ago. And I put it down to an upset stomach. But now I'm not so sure.

I feed both cats dry and wet food. The meat is eaten before it has the time to go off. And the dry food is left out along with plenty of fresh water.

Any suggestions out there?

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Try elevating the food bowl a few inches off the floor, and break up the kibble with a hammer this slows them down considerably. Sometimes they vomit because cats inhale their food rather than slowly chewing it, causing digestive upset.

If she keeps vomiting, you will want to run her to a vet, because there is danger in her losing fluids and going downhill quite quickly.
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Is the vomit sort of in a long rope and contains a lot of whole(ish) food particles)? My cat Poppy has has had vomiting problems on certain foods. She has a problem anyway, she gobbles her food too fast as a result of being starved and neglected for 2 years. Generally she is good but randomly resorts to gobbling and then pukes. I did find that a denser kibble helped. If you look at kibble sometimes it looks puffier and I think the puffier kind absorbs tummy juices and expands faster.
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I've elevated the food bowls....and boy did I get some weird looks from both Esper and Russell..... Anyhows they understood and ate. So far so good with everything.

No puking for now. It may be that she eats too quickly for her own good. Though she does chew her food. I haven't found whole bits of kibble or large meat chunks.

I did ring the vet to ask whether they had noticed anything of the sort while she was in their care. They hadn't. They seem to also think that she is eating too fast.
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Good deal Gem!

Elevating their food bowl forces them to relax their throat, and then they eat slower.
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Parker (my dog) has elevated bowls, and since we got him, both cats only drink his water (elevated) even though they have several bowls in two loactions of fresh clean water. Could it be they prefer it elevated? I thought it was just their being nosey and territorial but maybe they like it elevated!
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Ali- all my cats prefer to have elevated bowls. Plus, I don't have to worry about them throwing up after eating, because it stops them from inhaling their food so quickly.
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