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Hy Vee Sale - Cat Litter?

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I was looking at Hy Vee's Friday the 13th sale- and they have Midwest Country Fare Cat Litter (Hy Vee brand, I suppose) on sale - 5 - 25lb bags for $10. I was going to go on Friday to stock up - but then I got to thinking & wondering if its worth it- if its clumping or not? Or just something cheap thats dusty & not gonna be worth my time or money!

Anyone know?
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sounds like its NOT the clumping kind. Tidy cats non clumping bags are like $3 at Wal-Mart for 25 lb bags
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I grew up in Minnesota and Iowa... right now I live in Arizona. I miss Hy-Vee!!!!!

sorry I hijacked your thread! Back on topic now!
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I think my boss uses that (she uses a hy-vee unscented scoop that comes in a bag). She seems happy with it.

We tried Hy-Vee multicat scoop, but didn't like it--very dusty. I think Schnuck's & Target's Pet Essentials scooping litter is much less dusty.

We are going back to Tidy Cats though. I was using store brands because they were the same texture as Tidy Cats before Tidy Lock formula. I'm so happy I could skip that they have "original formula" in 2 Tidy Cats scoops again.
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I was there last night and its non-clumping. I was thinking that maybe I could still get some and mix it in with my clumping litter-- it would still save me some money!
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there is a hy-vee litter that comes in a 30 lb bag that's unscented scoop. my boss buys it for around $5 or $6. we had a litter conversation some time ago.

if you have a Schnuck's store, you can buy 15 lbs of unscented scoop for $2.50 there.
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I've noticed that the Hy-Vee brand cat litter is really dusty. I've picked up one of their brands that was supposed to have little to no dust and I still think it had more dust than regular Tidy Cats. I agree with the others about it not being the clumping kind.....
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